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Like it or Love it ????????????
Live it with or Live without it ??????????

I myself had done it back when I was 18 to 35. I did it to one love back when I was 18 ( read about it in a Porn Story Book and wanted to try it ) My lover loved it - he exploded the first time without me or his self touching his cock.
Had a couple of lovers last yr and one this yr who loved rimming my ass and I loved it. My ex hubby never touched my ass that way and he never ate me out , our 69 was me giving him head and him blowing or fingering my pussy. He never even just touched my clit with his tongue.
I wouldnt mind doing it now as long as the guy had a clean ass or would let me clean it before we started having sex , and I would never and still wont let someone kiss me nor would I expect him to let me kiss him after rimming each other.

I think it would be hot to do a 69 on rimming each other - what do you think ?????
THANKS for any response in advance , Linda
"All My Best and Good Luck"

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6/15/2006 5:18 pm

69 while rimming each other would be hot and nasty. Haven't tried it that way yet, but I'd like to. Eating ass is one of my favorites lately. But yeah, cleanliness is a must. Washing each other in the shower first is part of the fun. ALthough, I don't mind the kissing afterward so much. If someones willing to kiss my ass, I won't deny them a kiss on the lips. But, I guess that's why it's good to let each other know your boundries ahead of time so you don't do something the other doesn't like so much.

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hehehhee yea it's nice.I can defintiely recommend it......It's nice to mirror what the other person does.....very erotic.
XXXX rod

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7/2/2006 10:08 am

I just love to rim my partner/s ass.However,it's not all of my partners who like it.

I have found that only a small minority of women like it,being done to them,& even less like to do it to their partner/s.

I guess it the whole hygene thing,that puts people off,plus the risk of getting a tummy bug or something worse from it that makes it so.

The presence of bacteria in that area is greater,but it is quite safe,once both people wash thoroughly.

I love rimming as i have said,& to have someone do it to me,is just the icing on the cake!

Is'nt it SO erotic too?The feeling of having someone worship your ass in such a way?...YUMMY!!!..lol


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