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5/12/2006 1:14 pm

We are laying around watching tv , you kind of fallen asleep. I lay there rubbing my ass against your cock , I feel it getting hard. I stop long enough to get my scarf from the bag. I wake you up with kisses , you ask me if I am horny , I tell you that "I am FUCKING HORNY BABY". You growl and tell me to get on all 4's , I get on all 4's and you start whooping my ass , I say " PLEASE BABY TIE ME UP"...
You see my scraf , take it and tie my hands up , push me back and spread my legs , teasing my clit with the tip of your cock , you make me cum so easily, You then cum up sit on my chest and tell me to suck your cock , I open my mouth and start licking then I suck it so hard and you explode in my mouth but pull out to squirt some on my tits.
You then turn around , and spread your ass cheeks open and tell me to lick your ass and tongue fuck it good. So, I start tonguing your asshole then stopping to lick and bite your ass cheeks some - you tell me that turns you on. You then turn around , lay on top of me and start kissing me deep and demanding.
Then I tell you I have to pee , you take my tied hands , walk me to the bathroom , you sit on the toliet and tell me to squat over your cock and pee . I do that , and you start fingering my cunt as I am peeing. Then you push me down onto your cock. You start bucking your hips up fucking me , making me cum so hard that my body shakes , then you raise me up and guide your cock into my tight ass , right there on the toliet. You explode deep in my ass.
I try to get up but you tell me to stay there or else , you will whip my ass. You start biting my nipples soft then hard as your cock grows hard again, you tell me now I can get up , but you bend me over the bathtub and start licking my cunt and ass back and forth. I am moaning . Begging you to please fist my fucking cunt , you get excited that you start fisting my cunt with one hand as the other is reaching around pinching my nipples hard. I cum so hard that I get weak , you stop and start the water in the tub. We get in and with my hands still tied , I put my arms over your head and pull you into me kissing you as I sit on your lap. We sit there kissing and enjoying each other. You rub my ass in the water
Your demand that I get down so you can fuck my cunt again but I wash you off first and your rinse out your mouth. Then we go to the bed , you lay down and I ride your cock backwards with my ass facing you. You start whipping my ass cheeks , I cum more and more , I get so weak and you feel it. You tell me to get off of you so you can get on top of me and hold me as you explode deep in my fucking cunt.
You explode as I cum one more time. Then you move to the side of me as we fall asleep together.

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