"Night Time Wants"  

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"Night Time Wants"

A cool drive under the stars no-where in mind but just a drive. I lean up against the door , spread my legs with my pussy wide open playing with my clit. Teasing and taunting you , I bring my wet fingers to taste but you grab my hand as soon as you stop at a red light. You sick my fingers as I move closer to you , and kiss you to taste my juices on your tongue. As soon as the light changes , you turn onto a dark road. Find a place to park to where we can't be seen.

You get out , come over and open my door. I get on all 4's towards you , you raise my skirt. Smack my ass a couple of times before you start licking my crack then tease my hole with your tongue. As your fingers enter my hot wet soaking pussy. I replace your hands and hold open my hot tight ass to give you range to tongue my ass as you work your fist deep inside my hot wet pussy. I cum and squirt a couple of times. Then I turn around and enjoy sucking your cock. The cock just begging for my mouth. You hold onto my head as you fuck my mouth hard and deep. You explode deep in my mouth as I finger and play with your tiny hole.

Then you get back in and drive around some more. You stop once more. This time its at a park.
We get out and you push me on the swing , smacking my ass a couple of times. I go over to the slide. You get on your knees , spread my legs and work your magic with eating my hot , wet and juicy pussy. I moan as you bite my clit , it feels so good.

You then take me over to a picnic table , lay me on top. Slide your hard throbbing cock in deep and hard into my hot , wet juicy pussy. I scream your name as your pumping my pussy hard and deep. You make me cum over and over til we explode together. We sit together under the stars , kissing and touching til the morning light.

"Good Luck and All my Best to All"

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