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7/17/2006 10:54 pm

It's too hot inside my place to sleep so I call you. You cum over and take me for a drive around the lake. You find a spot where no one can see us. We lay on a blanket under the stars. I am still in my black short nightie. You in a pair of sweats and t-shirt.

We are just laying there , talking and touching. You go down between my legs , biting and teasing my inner thighs at first. You tease my inner lip with the slightest touches. I moan and beg you please to tongue fuck my hot aching pussy. You don't say a word but I feel your tongue teasing back and forth from my clit to inside my pussy.

Finally you send me over the edge as your tongue enters deep and hard as I hold my legs up in the air for you to have better and deeper access. I cum hard as my body shakes from squirting. You slide your body up on mine. Then you straddle my chest teasing my mouth with the tip of your hard throbbing cock.

I finally get you to fuck my hot mouth. You cum in my throat. You look into my eyes as I swallow all your juices. You then kiss me deeply and passionately sharing our juices with each other. I have you lay on your back , I slide your semi-hard cock into my hot wet soaked pussy. As I lean down so you can suck and nibble and bite my nipples sending shock waves through my body. I cum a few more times , til you grow hard inside of my hot wet pussy.

You tell me to get on all 4's , you cum up behind me and start fucking my hot wet pussy every so slowly then hard and deep. You can't cum as soon as I beg you too . So, you work a couple of fingers into my hot tight ass. You work my tight hole loose some. Then you slide your cock into my tight ass. I moan and scream into the night as your pumping my hot tight ass so hard and deep.

When you explode , your body shakes. You lay your body onto my back as your cock slides out of my hot ass. You then roll me into your arms. We lay there awhile looking up at the stars til its time to go home. I go back to your place to spend the night.

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