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6/13/2006 2:37 pm

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You guys who know me and have talked to me know there is more to me then SEX.. So dont think I am 2 different women cuz I am not - BUT , I am in a NAUGHTY MOOD right now , blame it on my period!!!!!!! I love sex and love to please. So ENJOY

You call and ask me to cum over and I say "Cant Baby , unless your gonna fuck me and fist me while on my period." There is some silence before you answer , you say " I have done it before and its been a long time , but cum over and lets see what happens".
I get in my car and cum over. You answer the door and as soon as I walk in , you take me in your arms , rub my ass and say " Your ass is sooooo mine and no one else or it better not be" , I look at you and say " IT ONLY BELONGS TO YOU BABY , but if someone else wanted it , all they have to do is ask for it " .
OMG , you smack my ass so hard it stings. Then you take my hands and take me into the bedroom , you have a couple of towels on the bed. You strip me and then push me onto the bed. Straddle me like a 69 but instead of eating my pussy while I give you head , you fist it harder and deeper then ever before.
You tell me "Your a BAD GIRL and your all mine , no one else is allowed to feel you , do you understand". I cant answer right away cuz your cock is in my mouth. I moan and the min I stop sucking it , you raise my ass up as your still fisting it and smack it again. OMG , it hurt but felt sooooooooo good.
Then after you cum in my mouth and your happy with my squirting a few times. You pull me up , kiss me and tell me that you dont want another touching me cuz "YOUR MY BABY". I smile and kiss you back and say " I ONLY WANT YOU BABY".
We get in the shower and wash each other off. then back to your bed , I have you lay down and rub my hot spot on your ass cheeks as I reach down and finger your tight hole with my middle finger as my thumb is on my clit , making myself cum all over your hot ass. You moan as you feel me cum all over you. Then I stretch out and lick your hole with my tongue and then tongue your tight hole as my hands are under as you raise up and I jack you off . MMMMMMMMMM
Then I lay on my back and with some cum still in your cock , you slide up and start fucking my tits , mmmmmmmmmmm I lick the tip of your cock as you bring it close to my mouth . OH BABY. It doesnt take long for you to get hard again.
Then you slide it into my hot wet spot. I moan as I feel us becumming one. You look into my eyes and I close them and you tell me "No , keep them open , I want to see the pleasure I give you." I look into your eyes as your pumping me slow and sweet then hard and fast. You go deeper each time you pull out and go back in.
It takes awhile for you to cum again so soon after cumming not too long ago by my hand. MMMMMMM we explode together. I thought we was through so I start to get up. You pull me back down and tell me to straddle your cock with my tight ass. OH BABY , I ride you cock with my ass as I do with my hot spot. I hear you moan as I drive you crazy..
You and I are shocked , somehow , your cock cums again , not so much but some. We lay together in amazement & shock. then we get up and shower again.


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6/13/2006 6:51 pm

ready for duty mamm

tugger10 59M
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6/13/2006 8:01 pm

linda linda linda i need to spank you baby

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