"Honey of a Time"  

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7/16/2006 5:15 pm

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"Honey of a Time"

MMMMMMMMMMMM , as I walk into the room. You take me in a deep embrace , kissing me from my lips down to my neck. Licking , Kissing , biting and nibbling. Hearing me moan and beg you to please let me suck your cock. You take off my clothes , I moan as you lay on the bed. I pull off your boxers , and before I start. I reach in my bag.

I pull out a jar of honey , I drip some onto your awaiting cock. MMMMMMMMM , I rub it all over your cock. I start licking up and down to your balls. Your laying back enjoying it and I hear your breath in gasps as I deep throat your cock. You get rock hard , hold my head down as you start fucking my mouth. You explode deep in my mouth.

Still semi-hard , I start to straddle you but you bring my hot wet pussy up to your mouth. Your hands hold on to my ass as you eat my hot wet pussy til I explode deep in your mouth. Then I move down to your awaiting cock. I ride up and down til I squirt more and cum over and over. Your cock grows harder while in my hot wet pussy.

Your playing with my tits and then tell me to lay on back. You cum up and start fucking me tits. "OH BABY" I moan. As you make my tits feel so good.

You stop cuz it's taking a while for you to cum. Pull me to the edge of the bed , work your fist inside my hot wet soaked pussy. I feel like I can cum no more. But you manage to make me cum more. I put my legs on your shoulders and beg you harder and deeper baby please. You work your cock into my hot tight ass. You look me deep in my eyes and see passion , want and desire as you pump my ass hard and deep.
As I squirt once more , you explode deep in my tight hot ass..

Then we lay side by side , touching and kissing.

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