"Getting Pizza"  

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7/17/2006 4:40 pm

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"Getting Pizza"

Another Older Story - Enjoy

We go to get something to eat.. We go in and there is a semi-big crowd in there.

I am wearing a skirt and a lose top , your wearing sweats and a t-shirt... We get seated at a back booth.. At first we are sitting across from each other. As we are ordering , you slide off one of Ur shoe - you bring your foot up between my legs - I spread my legs as far apart as I can.. You stick your big toe inside my wet pussy - the girl who is taking our order looks at me as I am smiling & trying not to moan too much as your working Ur toe inside my pussy - You slide down in the seat some to go deeper. She has an ideal what we are doing but doesn't say a word..

Then as I get off on your big toe - you slide in a couple more toes - I raise up some and sit on your foot - moving my hips as I cum & cum - my cum is running down the seat in the booth - after I get off about 4 times - I move to sit beside you..

I reach down and start jacking you off - I pull out your cock and you can see pleasure on your face... You start moaning softly but no one seems to care... You tell me your about to come so , I slide on your lap - and I start moving my hips some - We start fucking right there in the booth - you raise my shirt up and start nibbling and biting on my nipples..

After awhile you shoot your hot load deep in my pussy.. Cum is everywhere , on your pants and on the seat.. I am sitting there not wanting to move cuz Ur cock feels good in my pussy - The girl and a guy brings our pizzas - they look at us and smile.. The guy tells us that we could go into the kitchen if we wanted to fuck some more..

So we get up and make our way to the kitchen , on the way the guy grabs my ass and asks you can he join in - you say sure - the girl asks me can she give you head - I told her head only cuz no one else fucks my man.. She smiles - We get to the kitchen and there is other guys in there..

The guy gets on his knees and starts eating my soaking wet pussy - the girl gets on her knees and starts sucking your cock - after a few we both start to cum... The girl gets up and leavess cuz she has to get back to work. You bend me over after as the guy gets up - you start fucking my pussy and then my ass - as you fuck my ass , the guy wants to eat me more and you let him.. You pump my ass harder and deeper I moan and beg for more - You give it to me hard deep and fast - as the guy is eating me -he decides to finger me - he starts out with 4 fingers and you tell him to fist my pussy and he sticks his whole fist in my wet pussy as you are still fucking my ass...

I start moaning and screaming for more - after like 45 mins , you shoot your load deep in my ass and then as the guy takes his fist out of my soaking wet pussy - my cum runs down my legs - you get on your knees and start eating my pussy and the guy starts licking & eating my ass with your cum slowly cumming out..
Then we get cleaned up and leave...

lostmydrinkagain 43F
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7/17/2006 5:56 pm

I should go out for pizza more often.

rm_bigand000444 55M
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7/17/2006 11:55 pm

i will have pizza if you come as a side anytime

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