"Choc Syrup & Cherry Fun" - ENJOY  

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"Choc Syrup & Cherry Fun" - ENJOY

I am still asleep , you get up and go to Wal Mart's . I am laying there and I wake up missing you being beside me. I get up to go shower and see a note from you telling me you will be back soon and be ready for a little fun. I am in the shower when you cum back.

You cum and join me. You wash my cunt really good , I feel your fingers going in and out so hard and deep , I moan pussy it feels so good , I squirt some. You tell me that I didn't squirt enough now your gonna whoop my ass. We get out but you don't dry me off , you whoop my ass while its wet and it stings some. Then you dry me off and I start drying you off.

You push me on to the bed , but you don't get a towel. You demand that I spread my pussy lips open wide as you get something out of the bag. Its choc syrup and a jar of cherries. You cum over and start dripping some on my cunt lips , you are level to my cunt , I feel you start tonging my pussy alittle teasing my clit , I start moaning and you stop. You put 2 cherries in there and twirler them around some , I feel myself cumming . You tell me good girl as you pull them out and hand me one and we feed each other them. Then you kiss me deep and demanding.

You demand me to ride your hard cock and I ride it hard with the choc syrup still on and some in my pussy. I cum a few times and without asking , I get off and start licking and sucking your cock with my ass facing your face. You grab my hips and bring me closer to your face and you start eating my pussy and licking up to my ass. I feel you eating my ass and fingering my pussy at the same time. I stop and moan a few secs.

Your tongue goes back to my pussy , you bite my clit hard as your fingers are going in and out. We cum together in each others mouths. OH BABY ! Then you tell me to cum here and I do , we kiss each other deep and demanding sharing each others juices with each other.
Your semi hard and you demand that I ride your cock with my ass. You get hard again in a few mins. I am riding your cock hard and you cum again in my ass.

Then we get up and shower again , you bend me over in the shower so you can fist my pussy right there. OMG , I cum so hard. You get so excited when you fist me. Then you demand that I get on my knees and give you head again, I gladly do and you watch me swallow all your cum , bring me up and kiss me deep and demanding tasting your cum in my mouth. We get out , pull the sheets off the bed and try to rinse off the choc syrup. Then we have the housekeeper bring some more sheets. After we change them , we lay in bed touching and talking til we get horny again which isnt that long


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