"A Night to Remember"  

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5/25/2006 11:06 am

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"A Night to Remember"

We are driving around . U pull into a local park - We sit there and start touching and feeling each other - U are wearing sweats & a muscle shirt , I am wearing my black skirt & my red Lacy lingerie top , no panties as U have no underwear on..
After awhile just touching and feeling - U cum and open my door and pull me out. As I get out U stop me in front of U and U start feeling my ass under the skirt then U slowly raise it up.
My bare ass is showing for all to see... Then U bring Ur hands up slowly on my body working Ur way to my breast - teasing my nipples making them hard and begging to be bitten.
Then we start walking towards the swings - as we are walking , I rub Ur cock through Ur sweats getting U hard.. Just as we reach the swings - I drop to my knees and pull out Ur cock and start sucking on it - driving U crazy. I feel that Ur about to shoot Ur load , I stop. I have U sit on a swing & with Ur cock still out - I straddle U as we work Ur hard cock in my hot wet awaiting pussy - IT FEELS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD..
As we are fucking like that U and I enjoy the feeling & before we know it - we are swinging as we are fucking. And after what seems like forever - U & I cum at the same time.. Then we move to the ground and we lay together - We just start doing a 69 - U eating me as I am sucking U - OH BABY Ur biting and nibbling my clit while U put 3 fingers in my pussy - I am sucking the head of Ur cock and jacking U off at the base of Ur cock then start licking and sucking Ur balls gently.. Then after U get off in my mouth and I cum 3 times in Urs - We lay there under the moon basking in the after glow of our love making.
After a little while , we get up and move to the slide - U are hard and ready for more..
U lay me down and slowly raise up my skirt making sure U touch every part of my legs and thighs - sending chills through me - and U pull off Ur sweats and start teasing me with the head of Ur cock - U hit my clit with the head - I start begging for U to enter me - U keep teasing me a little longer. Finally U just shove Ur cock deep in my hot wet pussy - starting out slowly then working it deeper and harder deep in me - I move my hips to meet Urs. U take Ur time and dont cum too soon cuz we both are enjoying the feeling of being one. Then after I cum afew times - As I get ready to cum one last time & I tell U - U shoot Ur load deep inside of me as I cum all over Ur cock... As U are still semi-hard U tell me to bend over & U grab my hips and put Ur cock in my hot ass - the ass U love to fuck - I bend over touching the ground allowing U to go deeper and I beg U to fuck my ass harder.. And U shoot another hot load deep in my ass this time..
Then we get ready to leave but U stop me and before I know it , I am back on the slide and Ur kneeling beside me with 4 fingers going in and out of my still wet pussy - and U start working Ur fist into my pussy - U get right in front of me and I put my legs on Ur shoulders and look U deep into Ur eyes - begging U harder and deeper - U fist me awhile - as U pull Ur fist out - my juices run all the slide..
Then we leave and go to a hotel where we take a long hot shower together and make love all night long falling asleep with Ur cock still in my pussy.. Then wake up and start fucking more..

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5/25/2006 11:53 am

Sure is my fantasy...I just don't think i could keep up for as long as he did...but I sure would try.

Love ur story,


sexymom20069 48F

5/25/2006 8:57 pm

Sorry Joe60115 , looking for ONE LOCAL MAN who wants more - Good Luck in your search.
BTW , it was just a fantasy , it never happened.

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