"A Dream"  

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6/19/2006 3:57 pm

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"A Dream"

You get on line and send me an email answering mine , I asked you if you want me and if you would let me pour pineapple juice on your cock and lick it off or maybe the filling of a twinkie? You tell me I can lick whatever I want to off your cock and YES , I want you.
HMMMM , I send another email asking if you want to see me tonight but instead of waiting for an answer , I im you. You say yes cum over at 2 am , but your not gonna cum in my pussy after I tell you to be ready to fuck my pussy. I tell you "we will talk about it when I get there and why not 1:45 ?" You say "ok , 1:45".
I go take another shower and pour pineapple juice on my nipples and rub some on my pussy and inside with my fingers. I put on my little teddy under my clothes. Then I leave and stop at the store to get something to drink and some Twinkies. MMMMMMMM , on my way to see my baby.
I run 70 to 80 on the interstate , cuz I am excited to see my baby. I get there and this time , you unlock the door and let me in. We hug and when I try to kiss your lips , you tease me and say no.
You go to sit down and I ask you to take some pics of me and you ask why and I say "Cuz some request on the site ", you say "what in ? the jeans and top your wearing ? " , I say "No , in this" as I strip down. You say " Nice".
I sit on your lap and try to kiss you again. You have me stand up so you can get a better look at me in it. You have me bend over , you just got to touch my ass. The ass you used to love but say that you just like it now
You start to take off your jogging pants as I pull of your t-shirt. I rub , lick and kiss your back. I even bend down to kiss your ass. OMG , I LOVE YOUR BODY.
You get me back in front of you ,you stick your thumb in my ass , then you grab my hair kissing me deep and demanding - I LOVE THE WAY YOU KISS ME. You then make me get on all 4's and make me suck your cock. You stop me , you grab my hair , pull me up. We go to your bed room.
You push me on the bed and cum up behind me. You start playing with my clit , OMG I get so weak from cumming so much. I try to move but you wont let me. You hold me down. You finger my pussy then work your fist deep in my pussy.
You get happy when you see me squirting. Then you pull on all 4's and then me your dying to fuck my ass. But first you put 3 fingers deep in my ass. I am moaning , calling your name.
You stick your cock into my ass. OH MY BABY. You cum so quick when you feel my tight ass. Then we go shower together.


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