" At The Races "  

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" At The Races "

I am at the FairGrounds SpeedWay on a Friday Night. The races have started, I get up to go to the bathroom. I go into the GrandStand , to the place where once as a kid , I would run around with my friend at the time when I was 7 to 9. He and I would chase each other , have fun. (Well , we kissed each other once just as kids , my first kiss at 9.)
I am standing there looking through the fence into the parking lot and night sky. I close my eyes and go back to the time when my heart got broken for the first time , I was 10 and he had left to go live with his mom in NY and that night I didn't go to the races - my dad came home and told me that he was leaving and only said good-bye. That night I cried and cried. The following years I would wait for him to come back to me.
Then I think back to the second time my heart got broken. (I was either 12 or 13), I am there with my step-sister and best friend - we was selling programs then after-wards , we was out running around throwing ice and wet paper towels at the cute boys , just to get them to chase us - lol, It was a blast. I didn't give up on the boy to show up but wasn't paying attention to my dad coming to where we was and he was with him.
NO IDEAL he was there - thought I saw him but was too scared to go up and talk to him. On the way home , my dad told me "he was there and saw you talking to some other boys , said " he never wanted to ever talk to you again and never wanted to see you again". Ok, heart broken , crying . My mom comes in to my room that night and says "I didn't know you liked him that much." I looked her straight in the eyes and said "I don't like him , I love him!!!!!'
Now , I am back to the present with a little teardrops falling. I feel I am not alone but to scared to turn around , not knowing who is there behind me. I feel his hands on my shoulders as he wraps them around me. I lean my head back on his shoulders. I feel his hand turn my face towards his. He kisses me softly then demanding.
I turn around with my eyes closed , opening my mouth to welcum his tongue. We moan into each others mouths , drinking each others breath. Still scared to look into his eyes , I hear him whisper in my ear "I missed you and I am so sorry , please forgive me and say you will be all mine til the day we die."
I open my eyes to see a blue-eyed hot looking guy with blonde hair looking deep and passionately at me. I say " I never forgotten you and yes, will be all yours and there is nothing to forgive."
He drops his hands to my ass and rubs it hard and moans "baby , lets get out of here and go back to my place so we can become one like we should have long ago." I smile and say not yet , lets do this ." I pull away , smack his hot ass and run a little. He laughs and cums after me.
He grabs me into his arms, I moan as I lower my top to bare a titty. He growls as he lowers his lips and starts biting and sucking my nipple right there , not caring who sees. I tell him , "lets go into the bathroom outside of the GrandStand. "
He looks at me like I was crazy , I look back with an evil grin. We walk hand in hand , going out to the bathrooms outside. Looking around to make sure no one is around. We go into the men's. There is showers in there.
As we go into one , I get on my knees and unzip his jeans. Right there , I suck him hard the soft til he grabs my head , makes me look up at him as he starts fucking my mouth. I gag and feel myself squirting as he cums deep in my mouth." MMMMMMMMMMMMM " , I say as he brings me up and kisses me tasting his juices on my tongue.
He leans me up against the wall as he takes off my jeans and thongs. I moan as I feel his fingers going deep inside of my hot wet pussy as he kisses me deeply and demanding. He drops to his knees and has me straddle his face, he cums up eating me out tasting my sweet juices. I cum afew times. Moaning almost screaming from it.
He stops cums up and kisses me sharing my juices with me. As his hands are squeezing my tits. I moan into his mouth , I beg him " BABY , PLEASE FIST ME." He stops kissing me looking at me and asks "Are you sure ? Your so tight!" . I look and say "YES, BABY - try it please!"
He says "I have never done it , only see it on the web and heard about it." I get out of the shower , find a bench to lay on. I spread my legs and look up at him. He cums to me , I tell him how to do it. He fingers me and spits on my pussy to get it soaking wet. Then works his fist inside of my hot wet tight pussy. We look into each others eyes , he gets so turned on and I am moaning begging him "harder, deeper baby". We feel me squirting on his fist.
He pulls out his fist , slides up and slides his rock hard cock deep inside my hot wet soaked pussy. He explodes almost instantly. After he does. He pulls me up into his arms as we sit there gathering our strength. Kisses me and tells me " WOW , BABY!!!!!!!!!! , THAT WAS SO FUCKING HOT AND WILD!!!!!"
I laugh alittle and say "Wait til you do that while fucking my ass!!!!!'. He looks at me like I am crazy. I kiss him , go clean up some .
We go to his place and make love several times the rest of the night til the next day.

"Good Luck and All my Best , Linda

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