oh dear god i was recognized!!  

sexymamma662003 31F
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7/1/2006 6:27 pm

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7/3/2006 5:40 pm

oh dear god i was recognized!!

oh yes you read that right i was recognized.
i went to walmart with my kids, i was in the check out line and the man in front of me kept staring and i just figured it was becouse of the very low cut shirt i had on, i thought he looked fimiliar, but i live in a very small town so it isnt uncommone to see someone alot.

well i kept trying to figure out were i knew the guy from, i thought he worked with my husband. couldnt figuer it out. got some arbys and went home. sat down at my computer shoved some curly fries into my mouth and opend up AdultFriendFinder. i had new e-mails opend them up and one was from a guy that has e-mailed me before. opend it up and he said," i saw you at walmart i was the guy infront of you on check stand 15. you really are one hott mamma." i fucken choked. curly fries sprayed out of my mouth onto the monitor.

now shit is going threw my head on how did he know who i was? my face is not on my profile, he isnt in my network. then a lightbulb goes off! he was viewing my cam on AdultFriendFinder the other night. S.O.B fuck damn it to hell. i cant believe i was recognized.

so have you ever been recognized or seen anyone you knew who they were from here?


SpinaSluedVenae 51M
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7/1/2006 6:48 pm

If you need to leave town,I know where you can go!I think I've been by one of the moms at my girls' school!Don't know for sure though!But I think she's the other woman from my town that's on here!

runzwithknives 59F

7/1/2006 6:56 pm

Just my former boss that I still work with occasionally. This was before my pictures were up so I know he didn't recognize me. Haven't looked to see if he's still around. Well, he's the one who is married and I also worked with his wife. Doubt he'll be saying anything to me.

Valdrane78 38M

7/1/2006 6:58 pm

Hehe, I have been recognized plenty of times. Somwetime speopel are excited to meet me, and some with pure hostility depending on hwo they viewed my blog. Ya see, cause a long time ago I was rathe rpopular here, then I quit and came back and quit again, hehe. Doesn't bother me all that much, my pate is pasted all over this website.

BANG! POW! BOOM! a study in useless knowledge and sick humor!
I want a damn soundtrack to my blog!

HeartlessBitch69 46F

7/1/2006 7:22 pm

Yeppers, my hubby and I went out to breakfast. In the same restaurant was a couple who i had seen pics of from gandbanggirl, a couple on a.f.f who hold regular orgies at their house here in kansas, and after I pointed them out to my hubby, another person, a married guy off of a.f.f walked in and sat two booths down from the couple. Funny how 4 people off of a.f.f are in the same place at the same time, and it not be a meet and greet! lol

rm_autumn1028 56

7/1/2006 8:27 pm

I have lived in my town all of my life and considered respectable in my circle therefore being recognized may not be a good happening for me, hence no photos. When I do post photos, they will be of body parts, only.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

7/1/2006 8:54 pm

Yeah, the geniuses we turned out to be... If you live in a small town and have the handle imLadyBambi, its not a good idea to drive around with personalized license plates that read "Bambi". Sooner or later people figure things out. That's our saga...

redrobin012057 59F

7/2/2006 12:52 am

Hey sweety, I pissed myself laughing when I read that.... I can imagine those french fries .......when you read that email from him the look on your face would have been priceless.There is a bloke I know thats on here,he even wrote to me a few years ago, turns out to be my friends hubby playing the field.When I showed her his cock pic on here,she said yes, that was him....lol lol

TheLilFondler 33F
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7/2/2006 4:55 pm

when i first started the job i am currently at there was a woman that worked there and she used to give me funny looks all the time and i couldnt figure out why... well after i had been there a week or 2 we were closing up together and the only ones there and we got to talking and she slipped up and called me "fondles" LMAO seems her BF that she met here was one of the first people to talk to me in Philly Tri state room n knew me VERY well... and she had been there when him n i had had a few IM convo so she knew me rather well too without actually knowing me LMAO...

i lost my virginity years ago.....
but i still have the box.....

rm_wetfingeraz 53F
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7/2/2006 9:22 pm

yes. And that's all I'm going to say on the subject.

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