my kids are the spawn of satan.  

sexymamma662003 31F
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7/27/2006 11:43 pm

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7/28/2006 9:39 am

my kids are the spawn of satan.

yes you read that right they are evil i tell you evil.

sure they look all sweet and innocent but to tell you the truth thats how they get you. they are plotting against you the whole time they are all loving up on you.

my daughter, has this look in her eyes sometimes. i just know as soon as i turn around she is going to do something evil.

i have had balls bounced off the top of my head.
a chair removed out from under me. food thrown at me. peed on (more then once) soaked bathroom floor from there baths. flour every were. the shit scared out of me cause they hid from me. walls colored on. the dog tied up. they sit on my cat. the colored my white with black spots Chihuahua purple.

so you cant tell me they are not evil. sure they look cute when they are sleeping but you know what they are just thinking up more evil things to do to me the next day.
they are only 2 and 1.

my daughter has even figured out if she gets into something knows i am coming she runs and blames her brother, who i know can not open doors, and open shit.

oh yes and they take right after there mom! LOL


rm_gerson42 52M
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7/28/2006 12:09 am

It get's easier the more you have. 4 or 5 is the perfect number. Yep, it just got so much easier.

Dsel 41M
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7/28/2006 12:25 am

Am I evil too.....

rm_Elefantrose 43M
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7/28/2006 12:35 am

Damn! sexy mamma,

i'm thinking about vasectomy!!!! lol

only 2 years old...

well I can tell you a true story: when i was 2 years old, someone bought me a book about wildlife in africa, lions and everything...

The day after my mom heard mi lil'sister crying a bit then stop suddently.

She came in her room and found me painting the walls brown and green: the trees.
My sister stopped crying because i put a pencil in her throat (guess i was disturbed by her crying during my artistic moment ) and she probably started crying because I painted her face with yellow and brown to make her look like a lion...

I have always been an artist in my own particular way...

Now seriously I suppose that with some stric discipline when she will be older, you can do something with your daughter... 2 years old, she is very young!

I think that if anybody on this site tells us a story about a silly thing they did when they where young you will:
1 have a few laughs.
2 realize your daugther is not evil, just experimenting life in her own particular



SpinaSluedVenae 51M
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7/28/2006 6:37 am

See I told you!They're like that because your mom wished that you would have kids just like you were some day!Every mother does that!That's why my youngest is my demon seed!And it's the same here!She's just like me!

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