Young women/girls and Older Men  

sexylunaiswet 37
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11/8/2005 7:22 pm

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4/9/2006 8:32 am

Young women/girls and Older Men

I have been involved with older men and have dated those that are older by just 10 to twice my age.

I have wondered to know what it is that Older men like in girls? How does the society look up on this? And older women, what do you think of this, are young girls seen as a threat to mature women (as SJP from Sex and the City would put it).
Something to reflect upon I beleive.
I have seen older men in their mid 40s and early 50s divorcing and going to marry young girls. As much as I like men in this age group, it does make me frown.

rm_hottimes4u22 51M/45F
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11/9/2005 2:14 am

well a nice body,firm breasts and they tend to enjoy and be more relaxed, pluss thry dont pretend to know it all if you know wot i mean

book_em_dano 46M
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11/10/2005 5:50 pm

What is it that older men like in girls? To each his own I'm sure. Plenty of pervs and maniacs out there, so beware, young ladies. Dangerous times. Too easy to meet someone of whom you know nothing through a medium such as this. To the average dude though, the younger women presents the physical quality of firm textured skin plus the purity and openness of mind. hard for an older women to compete with. So why try? Every person holds a beauty within them that could only be unlocked by the "right one". It's a lottery, girl. Some would say a game of numbers. Hence, a medium like AdultFriendFinder will only go from strenght to strenght. It's a brave new world, baby.

DrRob01 43M

11/12/2005 2:21 pm

Another nice interesting blog Luna, well done. I think that the above responses hit the nail on the head. Men looking for younger women are mainly looking for a firm tight body. This of course can be attractive but I also think there is a beauty in womens bodies who are in their fourties. Maybe younger girls remind us of girls we used to date (or wanted to date) when we were younger. I also think that older men who go for younger girls also get off on their lack of experience (both of life and sexually) and perhaps think they can teach them a thing or two. Perhaps they like to be dominant, or maybe they feel intimidated by women their own age who are more sure of themselves? I guess this is what younger girls like about older guys, someone with experience??

For me as a single 32 year old guy who for the forseeable future is not looking for a serious relationship I find younger girls (20-27) very appealing for many of the reasons above but also find women my own age and upto mid forties really exciting for pretty much the oppostite reasons, such as knowing what they want.

I think that a man of 50 marrying a girl early 20s is worrying. While a man can in someways relate to a a 20 something women (because he was once this age), it must be difficult for a young women to relate to the man as she lacks the 25 years+ life experience the man has. Then again each to their own

All I can say is that when I finally decide to get involved with someone again seriously it would not be with someone more than a few years either side of my age.

Stevexxx2005 52M

11/20/2005 3:47 pm

don't see wot the fuss is about. Inter-racial, same-sex, between different religions .... who cares? Consenting adults r free 2 do woteva they like. Seems a bit judgemental if u ask me. But then i am a 40 yr old who likes teens & 20s.

MeWarChief 45M
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11/26/2005 2:27 pm

Sexy Luna, now your talking my language. I need to date someone either above me or below me, no inbetweens. Unless were talking sugar Mama, younger bitches are the way to go so dickheads like me can feel smart! Get IT! Let me know where to draw the line so I dont offend a bitch. ...seriously its has to do with attraction, I dont plan on being your sugar dady so forget all that. You sound interesting, but I'm still smarter.

RunninBunny 61M
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1/2/2006 9:36 am

Hi Luna, having reache the ripe old age of 50 & also the group Moderator for "younger Women 4 older UK Men" perhaps I can answer this for you.

I am not our to marry a girl in her teens or even her 20's, infact I'm not our to marry anyone. I have done that 4 time already, 2 where around 7/8 years my junior, 1 was my age & the other was 4 yrs my senior.

As for meeting up with youger women for fun, that is different, yes the bodies are much tighter & trim, I don't go for BBW's of any age.
But it's not the only reason, I prefer a young and active mind as well an fit lithe body, it has to come as a package. This is not to say that woman of all ages so not have something to offer, they DO.
Like with men, with maturity comes experience & the knowledge of how to best make use of it. It is some of this that I enjoy possing on to my younger partners, also there is a lot that they can teach me in return, the vitality of youth is not to be denied, they can be very creative & with the right encourangement it is fantastic to be on the receiving end.
And Yes it gives an old mans Ego a Geat Boost to be with a much younger woman who enjoys what he can do for her.

Well that's my view anyway.


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