Sex.....natural remedy for stress  

sexylunaiswet 37
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10/9/2005 11:43 am

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Sex.....natural remedy for stress

This is the first post and many more will follow. feel free to drop your comments, questions and so on.

Sex, regardless of your status is an excellent remedy for stress. I beleive most of us here love sex, and the pleasures of it all.
I have an above the average sexual drive and also have a stressfull but an excellent job.I engage in regular sexual intercourse with my partner(if I have one) or with someone else, so that I am effective at work. But recently the true pleasure comes from masturbating by watching 'xxxcMeCumxxx' at an early hour. I dont even have to sign in to wach the live videos, but just going through the photos of wide split open cunts, or a tongue on a pink pussy sets me on fire.
I have just joined AdultFriendFinder, and I say hurrrray to all you sexy girls and men, who have posted your beautiful and explicit nude photos.
I say Long Live SEX!!!!!!!
XX Luna

rm_sexysion 48M

10/9/2005 7:22 pm

hi luna
i agree sex is an excellent remedy for stress
look forward to your posts
sion xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

gaf270377 39M

10/10/2005 11:44 am

HI Luna,

Its the best remedy...

I find watching and performing for others watching great too!


goldeneyezz22 41M
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10/11/2005 5:12 am

Hey there Luna -
I have to admit the refreshing shower dancing on ur body, head soaked, eyes closed and thoughts swimmin around ur head..lips locked, tongues in deep, fierce kissin..mouth and hands finding your gorgeous breasts, nipples already hard as soft suckin tantalise ur nerves..both hands squezze ur sexy behind liftin u slightly, letting the tip of my cock rest just inside ... to be continued -
You see how refreshin that can or could make someone...

littlebigboy70 28M

10/11/2005 6:35 pm

luna i agree with your whole sex remedy 100% and you sound like my kind of ladie

bigone8851 34M
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10/12/2005 2:57 am

well hello there i can see we could have some fun

rm_Coopsex 54M
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10/20/2005 1:58 am

I agree Luna Long Live Sex it is a pleasure which cannot be described here is a little sexual fantasy which you may like Luna.
I am going to describe what I would love to do if we ever met...
I arrive at your place we walk upstairs to the bedroom and we take our coats off and I hang them up.You put some music on softley. I put my arms around you and kiss you on the lips and your neck and you can feel my hands moving over your body. “ I am going to give you a massage first to warm our bodies up. Would you like oil or baby powder ?” I ask. “”Oil sounds good to me !” You answer.
You are standing in front of the bed and you are wearing a dress and knee length black boots. I slowly pull your dress off and you are standing naked except for the boots. “Wow , you have got an amazing body and you look really sexy wearing those boots, I want you to keep them on !” I say looking at you. “ I want you to lay face down on the bed so that I can massage your back first.” While you are doing this I pull all of my clothes off and climb on th bed and sit above you and pour oil onto my hands. I begin by slowly rubbing oil onto your shouldrers and neck and back. You can feel my hands sliding over your body which is making you relaxe and enjoy the experience. My hands slowly slide across your back and then move down to your lovely bottom and you can feel my warm hands moving and sliding over your buttocks. “You have got a really beautiful bottom !” I spend quite a long time on your bottom because I am enjoying it and then I massage the backs of your legs down to to top of your boots.
“It’s time to turn over now . I am now going to massage your front, my favourite part !”
You then turn over and lay on your back and I pour some more oil into my hands. I can see your wonderful naked body beneath me , your beautiful breasts and nipples and your shaved pussy. I start massaging your neck and shoulders and then my hands move very slowly down to your breasts and you can feel them sliding over your nipples which have now grown erect. I softley squeeze your hard nipples with my fingers and you moan with pleasure. You can see that I am also gettin very turned on because my penis has grown stiff and hard. I continue to slowly massage your breasts and play with your nipples and I do this for a long time and then my hands begin to massage your stomach and slide over your bellybutton and then move slowly down to your thighs and knees. You can now feel my hands slowly moving up the inside of your thighs towards your vagina. My hands touch your pussy and I can feel that you are hot and wet and I slowly slide one of my fingers into your pussy, at the same time I start to massage your breast with my other hand. You can feel my fingers massaging your clitoris which has grown hard with desire and you are moaning and groaning with pleasure...
I continue to massage your breast and squeeze your erect nipples while you feel my fingers stroking and playing with your slippery pussy. “I am going to lick and suck your tits now ” I whisper in your ear. I begin to lick your breasts all over and my tongue slides over your hard nipples as well. You can feel my tongue kissing and licking and sucking your lovely breasts and nipples and also my fingers sliding into your slippery pussy. You are very wet and hot and we are both getting really excited. “I want to suck your sweet little pussy . Do you want my tongue inside you ?” I whisper to you.”MMMM!!! Yes please suck me now Steve !” You moan softly. You open your legs wide for me and I begin to lick you with my tongue and I slide it over your wet pussyhole. You can feel my tongue slowly moving inside you licking inside and also sucking and licking your hard little clitoris. I do this for a long time and I am also reaching up with my hands and massaging your breasts and playing with your erect nipples. We are both moaning with pleasure and getting hot and horny !!!
It is making me really horny sucking your pussy and my cock is stiff and hard and I want to feel your lovely soft wet lips around it sucking and licking.”Hey I really want you to suck my cock, let’s try 69 position and I can continue sucking your pussy” I say. “That sounds like an excellent idea to me !” You say and I lay on my back and you climb over me so that your face is towards my cock and my face is towards your pussy. I then feel your hands gripping and stroking my hot hard cock and then I feel your soft wet tongue sliding up and down and licking me.” You can hear me moaning with pleasure”Wow ! That feels so good !” You then slowly push my cock into your mouth and move your head up and down. While you are enjoying this you can feel my tongue sliding into your slippery wet pussy and sucking and licking your clitoris. We are both getting very wet and excited and extremely horny and can’t wait to start fucking...
We are both very hot and horny because we have been sucking and licking and your lovely little pussy is nice and wet and ready to get fucked. I lay on my back and hold my stiff cock in my hand and you sit above with your legs either side of me. You slowly move your body and your slippery wet pussy down towards my cock and I slide my hot hard penis around the entrance of your hot wet hole and move it around slowly as it moves into your vagina deeper and deeper. You can feel my hot hard cock inside you as you move slowly up and down on top of me. While you are doing this I am massaging your lovely breasts and squeezing your erect nipples and my hands are gripping your lovely littly backside as you move up and down and moan with pleasure. “ I’ve been waiting a long time to feel my cock inside you. It feels so good to be fucking you darling !”
We fuck like this for a while and then we move to another position...
We then get off the bed and you kneel on the floor and you can see a mirror leaning against the wall and you watch me in the mirror kneeling behind you with my stiff, hard penis in my hand and you can feel it slowly moving inside you and you watch me fuck you doggy style on the floor. You can see my hard cock slipping in and out of your hot wet pussy hole while my hands slowly stroke your lovely little buttocks. “Do you like feeling my hard cock inside you darling ?” “MMM! Yes I love being fucked by you Steve, fuck me harder please.” We change positions again and I move the mirror and lean it against the bed and I sit on the floor with my back against the wall and you sit on my hard cock and watch in the mirror as you move your slippery wet pussy up and down onto my hot hard penis. You can also see my hands sliding over your breasts and squeezing your hard erect nipples. We are both getting very hot and horny...
my name is Steve I am a good-looking professional 41 year old white guy who is married and looking to meet sexy women who enjoy discreet sexual liassons, just fun and pleasure no committments. I am very experienced and have tried and enjoyed most things i.e. threesomes and foursomes. I love to suck womens pussy for hours and hours and I enjoy giving women pleasure and orgasms. I also enjoy quickies and erotic encounters in public.
Long live Sex

knight_pleasure 36M
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11/8/2005 8:20 am

Hi There,

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knight_pleasure 36M
2 posts
11/8/2005 8:20 am

Hi There,

We seem to belive in similar things. Lets take things forwards. email me : AdultFriendFinder

I m in Dubai too!

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