Desire and Safety Dilema  

sexylunaiswet 37
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4/10/2006 10:33 am

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11/18/2006 6:56 am

Desire and Safety Dilema

I am sure many here have gone through same dilema, that is, once i figured out I want to meet a guy, couple or a girl, how do I know that they are genuine. And importantly "Am I gonna be Safe?"
Since becoming a member at AdultFriendFinder, I have been exchanging few mails, engage in phone sex, and etc. But when it came to meeting, I am gulty of chickening out on lovely couple I had previously exchanged mails with. And similarly, a girl i meant to meet up with never showed up.
The thing is, prior to these two meetings, had set up a meeting with a guy at a book store, I thought it is a public place, we can go for tea, and if I feel safe and we're still into our prior plan, then we can have fun. Well, this dude ended up coming but never approached me, instead he started pursuing me through Oxford Street to regent, i had to jump into a cap to ditch him, and yes It left me scared like crazy.
After that incident, i decided to start out slow, that is begin with bi curious girl, then move up the ladder into couples(ffm) and some where in the middle with a guy. But don't you just get nervous in meeting a stranger.
I am at this very moment dying to meet up for a safe, steamy sex. But how does one do it? Relocating? =scared of going to strangers' place! Inviting them over?=what if they end up following you, or showing up after wards? Hotel seems to be a better choice. Ofcourse for a girl to girl.....I'd surely love to have you over.
That's all for now
Be safe and Enjoy the Sex
xxx Luna

naughtynemo03 37M
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4/28/2006 7:38 pm

Hey Luna
I think I've had the same sort of fear. But the only time I've met someone, I tried to make it as safe as possible. And we had a good time. I think it's better if you or the guy approaces you while u guys are on phone talking. It's a good idea to have phone chat/sex before, cuz that way u somewhat know the person and break the ice.
Sorry to hear about ur having to take the cab to ditch him. Hope you got home safe and without a stalker on ur tails.
Oh well... keep climbing the ladder. I hope to catch you at some point as you climb . take care.

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