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2/15/2006 6:02 pm

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From the corner of my eye, i caught a glimpse of you across the way. Thinking that the light and shadows were playing tricks on my eyes, i didn't give you much thought.

Later on, i saw you again, a much better view this time. Oh my... what a sight you are, sheer visual pleasure... i want to just drink you up with my eyes. But wait... you have realized that someone is watching you... do i look away before it becomes too obvious? No, not me. Boldly i make eye contact with you, after all, i need to know if there is any interest on your part. You raise your glass of wine and nod as if in a toast. I smile and nod my head in return. You approve of what you see.

Before long, you make your way to me and ask if i care to dance. Oh! the voice is simply divine! Deep and luxurious it slides into my eardrums... i could listen to that voice all night. Lightly you hold me as we take the dance floor. What grace and skill you posess, a wonderful dancer. As we dance, time stands still. We lock eyes, make light carefree banter, and the music seems to go on forever. Oh, but the music must stop sometime, the song ends, you escourt me back to my table. You thank me for the dance and turn to leave. But in a split second, you turn back to me and give me your business card. Feel free to call me at your convinence you murmur as your hand touches mine. I manage to mumble a thank you and smile sweetly at y ou. Call you? Oh dear God! I want to simply devour you!

Later on, when i am alone, i look at your card and pick up the phone, but put the phone down. Can i really just call you? Will you answer my call? Do you really want me to call you? Casting aside all the doubt, i snatch the phone up and dial quickly before i completely lose my nerve. You answer on the second ring, and relief flows through me followed by anxiety. I don't know anything about you except that i want you. I shouldn't have worried. Conversation with you flows as easily as water through a bubbling brook. Before i know it, we have made plans to go out the next evening.....

There is but one little hitch to this evening of ours.... i'm married. How am i going to slip out and have this carefree evening with you?

Out of no where, a very loud and insistant noise catches my attention and brings me back to full reality. It was just a dream.... only a dream.... with a huge sigh i make my way out of bed and start my day. Later when i'm searching in my purse for my car keys, a card catches my attention. It's a business card, just like the one in my dream. I turn it over.... it's yours.

gooman53 62M

4/3/2006 6:10 pm

I've touched those hands and that body and I must say, it is soft to teh touch and sweet to the taste. Wonderful concept, lets make it cum true.

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