clean sheets......  

sexylady6820052 48F
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7/30/2005 8:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

clean sheets......

some funny stuff that was keep on happening to me...I get a e-mail,which is promissing....I start talking to that guy on the internet and on the phone..we excange pics...we have fun talking and everything goes well..we agree to meet and then they don't show up...let me tell you how such a "date" usualy begins and ends...been working like a maniac all week long....take care my house and yard and the car also wants TLC... and try to raise a child with an IQ of 126...I come home saturday nights from work and the grocery store so you can offer a drink..I am tired as hell..but still exited because of the "date"....cook dinner...get things ready for the babysitter...which was not easy to find...doing laundry ...launder the sheets they are nice and clean shower, shave and smell awesome and look my I am here waiting...and the guy don't show up...finaly a massage ...his wife is messing with him all day long ...though he's he might run 2 hours late...why can't they at least call ahead and say...hey I got cold feet...or I think it was a mistake or girl, I changed my mind???..some of them dissaper in thin air like they never existed...the guy is asking meet him...then why don't show up?...if it takes to long for you to get into my pants..then say so and we move on....most of the time I read other ppls blogs but I thought I post one my self and see if I am the only one out there with that are all adults here in search of.. a fuck buddy, a soulmate or just a why can't you be honest???..the really crazy thing is...I am a responsible I buy condoms according to the "date's" size and shape and have several packs here takers???....sincerely Sexy

Fallic40 53M
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8/16/2005 7:57 pm

It works on both ends of the scale. I have had the exact same experiences dating ladies from here. But, keep trying - you can also meet some great people. I have just met a great lady through here.

Keep blogging too. There are some great people in the AdultFriendFinder blogging community.

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