good neighbors..  

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6/18/2006 10:46 am

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good neighbors..

im not one to wear clothes in my my home ,luv to do my house work naked. just to fell my tits bouncing around as i vacumn and the air moving around my pussy makes house work easier. lol yesterday i was washing my picture window and notice my neighbor watching me and trying very hard not to be seen. so of course that was a turn on for me so i pressed my its against the window and rubbed then across the glass till my nipples got hard,then i slowly lifted mt leg up and rested it on the table and started to rub my pussy with my hand and slide my finger in to get it wet. i then rubbed it up against the window and jerked my ass up and down . i saw him try to move from the side of his house to get closer and i then pulled up a chair and spread my legs wide open and fucked my pussy till i came. after i was done i lookes at him for the first time and smiled and i could see the buldge in his pants. i hope he went in and got off. i think next time i will invite him in. hes alone and wonder what it would be like to be with a senior ... god what a turn on it was for me...

sultrybaby54Sultrybaby54 kisses all..

LngNSlwXtcy 48M  
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6/18/2006 11:32 am


I wish I had neighbors like you. That was soo awesome of you to do for your neighbor. I glad to see you took pleasure in the moment. Way to go!


rm_VacMan01 57M
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8/21/2006 6:53 am

mmmm....the thought of watching you vacuum naked is pleasurable. Would be fun watching or feeling you get playful with that suction. (grins)

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