The Dynamics Of Love And What Does Love Mean To You?  

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8/28/2005 4:19 am

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The Dynamics Of Love And What Does Love Mean To You?

Here are some of my thoughts on love. What are yours?

A thing called Love. What an amazing thing. The thing called love. There is no other force on earth that is its equal. It is the truest and purest true force of nature. It is the FORCE of NATURE. Love is like a surging river that conquers everything that lies in its pathway. True love has RHYTHM. It is made up of a composite whole; Committment, Communication, Listening, Kindness, Honor, Honesty, Truthfulness, Tenderness, Dignity, Patience, Joy, Respect, Admiration and Caring. True Love is like an ORCHESTRA lead by the Grand MAESTRO(Master Composer)in which all of its component parts works together in beautiful and dazzling HARMONY. Like MUSIC playing to the listening ear, it lifts the soul to heights of unparalleled inspiration. It inspires to the heights of human achievements and gives the greatest pleasure to gasping on lookers who stand in admiration of how someone could reach to the highest points of human accomplishments. That is the wonder of the thing called TRUE Love. True love speaks of a love which is awakened by a sense of value in that special person which causes one to prize that person. It springs from an apprehension of the preciousness of the person. It is a love of esteem, praise and commendation. The Thing called TRUE LOVE. It is like a star shinning brighter and brighter across the midnight sky. It is like the early morning sunrise across the eastern sky. The sun rises higher and higher until the whole earth is filled with its glory. THE THING CALLED TRUE LOVE.

In a relationship where you have true love between a man and woman you have the greatest and most precious thing. And that goes for family and friends.

True love is not just a sexual relationship. It is much more then that. It has a deeper meaning and purpose which makes life worth the living.

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