At First There Were Two  

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5/10/2006 7:01 pm

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At First There Were Two

He tall, dark and demanding eagerly awaited her arrival. She was tall as well, smart and sexy and quite anxious to make him cry out in pleasure as an early birthday present. She arrived at his office wearing her work clothes...lab coat, stethoscope, conservative suit skirt and fitted sweater under which was her sexy black lacey bra and panties. All the way to his office she waited with nervous anticipation just to watch the expression of pleasure which she knew would cross his face when she arrived.

She called his office when she exited the elevator onto his floor wanting him to come out and great her properly. He appeared, so handsome and sexy wearing a smart business eager to bring her into his office and have his way with her. At first sight he was instantly turned on...She was outwardly such a lady and always met him with the most devious expressions. He lead her into his office promptly shutting and locking the door and forcing her against the wall...His hands feeling her luscious breasts, squeezing them, pinching and kneeding them as the other held her wrists over her head. Her leg steadily rose up his thigh caressing his cock straining from below his pants...

Slowly and seductively he led her to his desk and twirled her around....quickly he lifted her skirt and took down her panties and stockings and bent her over the desk...she fought the urge to moan and cry out knowing that his colleagues were still coming and going around them. She breathed hard as his hand grabbed her full breast as he entered her, thrusting into her and then flipping her over on her back....he spread her legs apart and slid back into her...he looked down as he penetrated her soaked pussy...he slid a finger into her mouth to stifle the moans just waiting to come out...seeing the expressions of pleasure crossing her face and how hard it was for her to keep quiet made him so hot that he couldn't contain his he thrust into her he felt her pussy squeeze around him sending waves of pleasure throughout his body...the explosions from his cock filled her pussy with the warmest fluids and made her flinch with enjoyment.

As they parted his juices flowed down her thigh making her shiver...She got off his desk and leaned over...she whispered flirtatiously, "happy birthday handsome" and kissed him passionately.

SirMounts 102M

5/16/2006 8:58 am

A very good story... and very well written.
Welcome to blogging, sexyfunpair. *smiling*

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