The Stairs  

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11/21/2005 11:46 pm

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The Stairs

She felt his warm hand on her back, pushing her forward and down the last couple of stairs and into the brick wall. Her chest smashed against the cold, rough blocks. Her hands braced next to her as she turned to look at him. He pulled her hands down, slowly against the bricks, and held them next to her sides as he pressed his full weight into her. She could smell his cologne, his scent and arousal. She felt every hard muscle in his chest, arms, and legs melded into her own shaking body.. and the unmistakable presence of his hard member in the small of her back.

As he spread her legs with his knee, she felt the juices begin to soak her panties. He lifted her skirt quickly and pulled the panties off, lifting her feet one at a time impatiently.. still holding her against the wall with his chest. His hands explored her full ass and smooth thighs.. she gasped.. and began breathing faster.

His weight pushed and rubbed her breasts into the coarse bricks.. making her hardened nipples raw through the thin blouse and bra she wore. She could not move. She panted, as her lungs could only hold a small amount of air.

His hot breath hit her ear, and his teeth found her earlobe and bared down. He held her closer to the wall as he brought her the short blast of pain. Her voluptuous ass pushed into his throbbing cock.. and he slipped his hands around to her full breasts and erect nipples, grabbing the mounds of flesh and pinching the nipples. Making her body arch back as he slammed his cock into her ass, sending her body crashing into the wall.....

to be continued

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