wanna bite of my cherry?  

sexydancer2005 45F
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8/14/2005 7:36 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

wanna bite of my cherry?

well do u ? .. this is my first time so b gentle with me .. i left the bra on .. 4 now .. its pretty .. my nipples are huge now..im gettin incredibly turned on by this ...that n the champagne i drank a while ago .. bring it on .. i love decadent sundays ..
i timetable my horny exploits .. to fit in with the rest of my busy life .. and today im havin a self love day .. its becomin common knoledge among my close friends that im a proper kinky girl..and they seem to love it .. especially the couples ..my friends wife also told me last nite she has never fucked a black man and she wants to..this was the same wife who told me he wants 3sum ..i told her i can arrange it 4 her if thats really what she wants ...lololbless her ..
i made a joke of the 3sum comment .. we got in a photo . my m8 his missus an me .. and i laughed ans said that always wanted 1 ....
thing is.. dont know about shaggin mates and their wives .. like i said to her i cud do it .. but A.. wud i b able to keep my gob shut about it .. and B wud i b able to look her in the face ..hehehe after i meant .. not while i was eatin her pussy ..
yes .. hhmm..i know. i need help ..
we were takin bets last night about when i will finally fuck a woman an have sex with more than 1 person ..
the sensible money was within the next 12 months ..
i can feel it ,,(not literally) .. yet ..

kyplowboy2 61M

8/14/2005 12:34 pm

Ahhhhhh.....there now, that wasn't so bad was it???
They got my cherry, just a little while back and now I just can't stop. Come on over and visit sometime (work THAT into your busy scheduled lol). Keep us posted on u and your girlfriend (don't know why, but guys really like). Hell, drink a few more slashes of that champaine, call her up and tell us about it tonight!!! You'll be glad u did. lol

kpb2 kyplowboy2

Maximumrich 58M

8/14/2005 12:49 pm

Sexydancer - You have just GOT to keep writing - If you are anywhere close to London I'm on my way round to see if you can really keep going for 4 hours. Hmm, two insatiable people... I think 4 hours may just be too short.

I'll be back to see what you say next, and meanwhile I'll start arranging the girl and more than one guy you so richly deserve!

Would you... ?
So would I... We should talk!


8/14/2005 1:27 pm

YES, yes, yes!!! Too hot for words! You have inspired me to post my dirty little blog. Which I hope you will read, and not find tooooo sick for your taste. I enjoyed reading you, about to enjoy my self love day, even more now that I have. Thank you!

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