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9/1/2005 1:08 pm

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well ive had a thoroughly bemusing weekend ..
i did nottinghill carnival sun an mon .. great fun .. met a lovely girl sun invited myself and my male friend to an afterparty.. dont think he was brave enuf to go .. tho he shud .. wudve broadened my horizons at least .. needless to say i wore him out too much for him to move onm mon so i did the rest of carnival on my own..which was wicked too.. i'm an independant chick if i waited 4 other people all the time id never get anything done ...
which is y ive investigated into paying a hot chick to come do unerdulterated sex with me and mayb a partner (if he wants to go halfs!! lolol) i think that way there is no ties she comes .. (not literally)- cos ive read that workin girls dont wen theyre workin .. but she can make me cum .. literally all over her pretty lips .. i watched some lovely porn last night .. classily shot .. in black n white .. oh the women ..
i must have cum at least 5 x ..
it was pure eroticism .. (is that a word?) ..well truth is i get a bit tounge tied an shy in the chat rooms .. and ive started ot htink it may b jus better to pay 4 what u want ..anyway im off to check out the ho sites an see whats on offer .. i r ead a book about the confessions of a london call girl read .. i wud recomend it x

Maximumrich 58M

9/2/2005 12:33 pm

Mmm...A nice little insight into that life... keep it coming girl, in all the ways that means

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