Things We LIKE You To Do  

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6/28/2006 5:39 pm

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12/10/2006 1:35 pm

Things We LIKE You To Do

I love it when you rub me through my clothes. You don't have to do it hard; It's the tease of it rather than the feel.

One thing that turns me on is when I am with a guy and he keeps telling me in detail what he is going to do when he gets me into bed. Just the idea that he is makes me HOTTER!!

I love a man who is prepared to go down on me--whatever, whenever, wherever! I really like animal instinct sex-the ripping clothes off, rough kissing and general "can't wait to get it on" back-scratching kind of sex...
How about your self?

Would you like it too??

Don't pinch and twist our bits as if they are car parts. Caress our nipples, don't ping them; stroke us, don't wring us out like old rags. Be confident, be happy to initiate, be selfless--don't just think about your own goals. Use eye contact; tell us that we are sexy.

The secret to coming together? That's easy:
timing, familiarity and the words "I'm!!"

Shooter_DoubleD 51M/48F  
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11/26/2006 2:59 pm

That is awsome!!!

sexycpl588 replies on 12/10/2006 1:34 pm:
Well Thank You "Blushing"

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