A HOT Saturday Night ...  

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8/12/2006 7:27 pm

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A HOT Saturday Night ...

It started out sometime ago. Every now and then I was blessed with an afternoon or like this evening with him. It had to be carefully planned, because we were the only ones to know. Maybe that is what made it so special--that probably only we would ever know about it and the thrill of having a secret! I have always enjoy waking up to the day of our meeting, knowing what laid ahead and what we had planned for each other.

The room would be cold, but it didn't matter. We would embace and give ourselves a laugh or two, then throw ourselves on the furry bed, casting a quick glance up to the mirrors on the ceiling. A minute or two later and our clothes would be on the floor and we glanced up at the mirrors again. We appeared as if we were always meant to be lovers only.

I felt parts of my body melt as he touches his lips to mine. I kissed him the same way, hoping he would feel the same way. His tongue made its way in my mouth, giving me anticipation of what I might expect later, when he would eat me until I came on his tongue. I would do the same on his penis, touching him with the same tenderness he applied to me.

While we caressed, my body would start to ache from his touch. I felt as though it was screaming out for more. I anticipated the moment that he would insert his hard, hot, cock in my pussy. I love to take it in my hand first, and then in my mouth, relishing the feeling of the head on my lips and tongue. I would suck it and feel it expand as I lick and suck it. I try so hard to remember to caress his balls as I suck on his hard, hot, cock but sometimes I am concentrating so much on making it grow that I forget to caress him...

At the start when I first put his cock in my mouth his whole penis would fit. I would suck it up and down until it expanded to such a size that only half fit comfortably in, while I held the other half tenderly with my fingertips.

The moment when he lowered himself upon me, I am dripping wet and ready. I would look up at him and see a softness in his beauiful dark eyes. He entered me and I felt every inch of his erection as he filled me. OMG, I love it when he f**ks me! It is an unspoken rule that I am never allowed to come just once. He never lets me stop there--and and deep down we have always known that once is not enought for me either.

Again I look up at the ceiling--perhaps to me it is the best art I have ever seen. We looked as though we were made to be here, in this moment of time. I smile and think, GOD how I want him!!

I got on top of him and I rode him as he lay there on the bed. I watched the expressions that crossed his face. I felt the excitement in his hands, the way he stroked my breasts and ass. He would breathe a bit heavier, and I knew he could come at any moment. His dick felt longest in this position. I would ride him until I finally exploded into a mind-blowing climax.

What I loved most are the moments when I can return what he had given me for the last couple of hours. He would grab my hips and pull my body toward him as he knees on the bed facing me in all his glory. This is when he enters me slow slides his cock in and out, first slow then fast over and over again. While I stroke him, kiss his lips and feel his heat.

I look at him and think, Jesus, is this really happening to me? The most exciting part of the whole thing is that it is happening to me!

I looked at him and felt him and shared in his enjoyment. I watched as the moment built, the tension built. I told him to tell me when he was coming and I could also feel that he was almost there. His cock remained hard, gently stroking the inside of my lips and my clit. Then he would shudder and become erratic with his strokes, that is when I realized we had both shared a part of ourselves, a part that only we know that we can ever share...

Should I tell you about the end of the story? Of candles, of caresses, well you get the picture...

So in writing this, I think of his body. The thought of him inserting his penis in my pussy makes me even more hot and wet. If only he was here for me to touch.

He only lives less than an hour from here, and I can imagine his hands, his mouth. What he does with his mouth is beyond belief. Every fantasy I have ever had is being played out. I never imagined that having a man's mouth and lips, tongue, teeth and hands exploring your body can make you feel the way he does.

I feel hot with the thought of his penis in my mouth--the smooth head, the long shaft, getting thicker with every lick. When it finally becomes so hard, and so thick, I want nothing more than to make him come in my mouth. To hear his moans and shudders. To lick and suck him til he reaches the point of no return. To realize the power of ones own sexuality...

The wanting of someones body, like I want his, to want to have awesome sex for the sake of sex, with no strings attacted just deep, hot lust is more anyone can ask for. Life is beauiful!

So how was your Saturday Night...

SirMounts 102M

9/30/2006 6:12 pm

Very good post. I hope you are well, and looking forward to your return. *smiling*

SirMounts 102M

10/21/2006 4:07 pm

Geez, I forgot to answer your question!
*paging through diary*
Well, it appears I was blogging that night.
*reading further...*
Um... most of the night, anyway. *winking*

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