Spring to come  

sexycoupletodo3s 58M/47F  
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2/24/2006 8:07 pm

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5/8/2008 1:15 pm

Spring to come

Smell the spring fragrant air make my sex appetite start to increase. Love that kind of feeling while I am fully recovered from hang overs and become horny in a lazy afternoon.

Last year we had a lovely encountered of 3s with a handsome man. His skillful massage is unforgetable. I had 2 orgasms just by his bale hands oil massage and had more after our love making in a nice spa hotel. I was too overwhelming by my multi orgasm and cannot treat him in return by my body but by oral.

I love the encounter and my hubby did the same while I gave him a BJ afterward. May the spring will bring me more of such a 3s.

spartacustoo 46M
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2/26/2006 9:37 pm

Hey I've loved your photos for a long while now. Will you be putting up more soon? She sure is a peach!

spartacustoo 46M
342 posts
2/26/2006 9:38 pm

What a doll! Love your photos. Will you be posting more soon?

sexycoupletodo3s 58M/47F  
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2/27/2006 3:28 am

I will certainly post more pics when I have a chance to take more in the near future.

rm_Skyez 42M

3/1/2006 3:06 am

Hi, thanks for the great compliment. I have to tell you that I really enjoyed our meeting too. Both of you are such wonderful people. This was definately one of the most awesome and rewarding 3-sum experiences that I've had.

He is a gentleman and the perfect host. She is beautiful, sexy and knows how to enjoy 2 men! Her body felt like magic in my hands and I'm glad to know she enjoyed my inadequate massage. Watching a lady's body responds as she cums is the most rewarding sexual experience.

I hope we can meet up again soon.


sexycoupletodo3s replies on 4/21/2006 7:25 am:
Hi Skyez, Have not heard from you for a long time. Perhaps, we can see each other soon? Give me a call or drop me a message. Love

sexycoupletodo3s 58M/47F  
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4/21/2006 7:23 am

Was so busy in the last few months. Moving home, new year break, business, travel and etc. Still do not have a chance to meet friends, old acquantance or new encounter. I hope to meet them in May.

westlife2night 45M/35F

4/21/2006 9:11 pm

I think you have a very sensual and beautiful body. I hope we can all meet when you have time. Until then... Kisses

FreedomIsBliss 42M
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5/3/2006 8:58 pm

Such a lovely sounding couple I look forward to our meeting..

kj185 42M

6/11/2006 9:31 am

Yes, i like your writing.

and i wanna sex you couple

arrua2 58M

7/9/2006 11:48 pm

Please can we make a trip to some place and make a good sex

laurence7769 45M  
23 posts
9/20/2012 8:15 pm

...a very attractive experience...
wish I will be the lucky one someday...

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