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3/7/2006 2:17 pm

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I realize the world refuses to accept us
The concept of our relationship is wrong
While we have this idealistic hope
We stand teetering on the edge of a blade
Waiting to fall

With passion raised and hearts a flutter
Soft tones of white and tan melt me
Release to my most animalistic nature
As the monogamy dwindles away
Three mouths meet

The fire in her eyes exploded in dance
A pink corset is discarded to the ground
Mechanical movements are a faint memory
As patience delivers the promise of screams
I join in chorus

I capture the moment with my dizzy tounge
My wife wiggles beneath parting lips
Face drenched with the taste of another woman
We slip into each others soul with ease
We find comfort

Emotions grow as we become branded
The tainted jury of our peers seems fixed
This was supposed to be sexual in nature
But the complication has become routine
And we like it

A cigarette hangs askew from my tainted mouth
As budweiser nights become drops of poetry
I let myself go and release this fear of acceptance
And though society may frown upon our smiles
We don't care

~~Copywritten by Jason of SexyCoupleOr~~

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