leading 2 the sheets  

sexycaramelchris 30M
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1/12/2006 8:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

leading 2 the sheets

leading 2 the sheets

candle wicks ignite
dinner set for 2
love that sexy smile
when u knew this was 4 u

rose peddles on the bed
when u open up the door
the lights are dim the music playing
candles on the floor

body oils on the counter
bubbles in the bath
cherry inscents burning
leading a sweet smelling path

you soak in the bath
as i massage your feet
u can feel the oils working
your body so smooth so sleek

your loving this evening
but its not over yet
got your body tingling
4 whats instore next

out of the bath
soaked with water
u looked so good
like u did in the alther

leading 2 the sheets
your body still gleaming
such a romantic night
u have 2 be dreaming

now beneath the sheets
as u fell me inside
losing control of your body
with my powerful stride

nails digging in2 my back
while i satisfy your desire
sucession ofter quickens
r hearts buring like fire

forever in my memory
or special fantasy's
as we explore r
love beneath the silky sheets

any ladies wanna experience the experience

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