honey between your legs  

sexycaramelchris 30M
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1/12/2006 8:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

honey between your legs


the love in my heart
is deep and true
to let you know how I feel about you
please lay down and close your eyes
I will show you paradise
your body what a sight
so damn lovely
I'll show you what you mean
your nipples that stand straight and true
I hope you like what I'm going to do to
as I caress the sides of your luscious body
you are such a hottie
to show you paradise
caressing your side
curvy your body galore
I want you ever more
moving your knees apart
your body a work of art
I want to hear you shout
show what my love is about
slipping between your knees
THIS is what I mean
inhaling your distinct fragrance
you have got me in a trance
look at me with opened eyes
I will show you total paradise
licking your sides and baby licks
this you won't ever forget
your moans echo in my ear
I am taking you there
I'm not done yet my dear
as I taste all of you
this is how my love is true
your nectar flows into my mouth
as I feel you thrust about
as I taste your honey so sweet
I look up our glazed eyes do meet
can't get enough of your taste
that lovely look on your face
my hardness begins to throb too
I need to be inside of you
tasting yourself upon my lips
as I move quickly between your hips
now you know paradise
as I make gentle love to you
my love stays forever true
and we drift off to sleep
forever you have my love to keep

i can do all this and more

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