Sent THIS to someone nice and he BLEW ME OFF: ARE YOU A DOG-PERSON??  

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10/28/2005 5:06 pm

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Sent THIS to someone nice and he BLEW ME OFF: ARE YOU A DOG-PERSON??

I wanted to bring you up to date on what's been happening with me lately:

10/20/05, Doc had an appointment for blood tests and xrays to make sure that he was still in remission from lymphoma.. A young (not at all Doc's older and more experienced) oncologist decided to palpitate, and take a specimen from a lump on Doc's neck.

Last Friday morning, my beloved pet/child's face got to the point of swelling to the point that an emergency visit to a local hospital was required. Poor Doc's face was so swollen that I was concerned that he might need oxygen to breathe. This is a really bad set-back! Thank goodness I knew about Benadryl and after confirming with his primary oncologist, gave him 50 mgs. every four hours Friday and then Sat. morning. He was much, much better and could see by Saturday afternoon - the swelling went down that much. (too much histamine was released....)

Doc needs surgery and/or radiation..... Until I take him to "see" his regular vet on Wed. Nov. 2, I don't know what the next steps are despite massive chemotherapy for most of this year.

I'm not attending my first PhD conference scheduled to start this weekend down in Virginia as a result. I'm too worried about leaving Doc by himself in my hotel suite and/or my SUV. Kennels are out of the question anymore since after chemo, pets can't get their booster shots and their immuno-system is compromised.

Just wanted to share where in the world Sweet Blonde Travel and Doc have been lately. (well, Doc's mama also started two PhD courses about a month ago and there's LOTS and weekly assigned readings.) I think I can say that I have officially become a night person AKA lady of the evening....

Hope to chat with you soon.


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