Recent netflix films I gave 5 stars to......  

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5/20/2006 7:50 pm
Recent netflix films I gave 5 stars to......

Mrs. Henderson Presents (2005)

Having already cultivated an offbeat reputation among high society in 1930s London, Laura Henderson (Judi Dench) embarks on her newest adventure: the transformation of an old movie theater into the Windmill, a space that will host, of all things, a nude musical revue. Members of her social circle don't quite know what to make of Mrs. Henderson's controversial enterprise, a shocking venture that has everyone up in arms.

Awards: 2006 BAFTA®: Best Actress nominee: Judi Dench

Cast: Judi Dench, Bob Hoskins, Will Young, Kelly Reilly, Thelma Barlow, Christopher Guest,
Natalia Tena, Rosalind Halstead, Anna Brewster, Elise Audeyev

When one thinks of Stephen Frears, one might think of “Dangerous Liaisons” and “High Fidelity” as I do. If that’s the case, then one also thinks then of the wonderful witty banter that is so predominant in both of these films; “Mrs. Henderson Presents” follows in the same thread. Bob Hoskins and Judi Dench make this an enjoyable treat of a movie with their back and forth banter. It is classic British comedy that embeds itself in playful tongue-in-cheek so that one can become enamoured with the characters before moving into more serious matters; and though the movie takes place during the fire-bombing of London, it emphasizes not the evils of the world but all the simple joys that should be cherished. Though the script is well-written in its back and forth word-play, it is the characters that sustain the film and the superb acting gives everything its depth and nuance that connects the viewer to these people and their intertwining lives. All the characters are vibrant from Hoskins and Dench’s main characters all the way to Christopher Guest’s downplayed Lord Chamberlain, Kelly Reilly’s young statuesque beauty, and Will Young’s lisping male virtuoso of the stage. All in all a fabulous treat for those who enjoy Frears’ movies. This might not be a movie for everyone, but if you enjoy British comedy nuance, wonderful witty banter, and great acting, then I recommend this for you. If you don’t enjoy nuance, I suggest something a bit more blatant like “Wedding Crashers.”

Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

Based on Arthur Golden's novel and set in 1929, this tale follows 9-year-old Chiyo, who is sold to a Kyoto geisha house. Chiyo endures harsh treatment from the owners and head geisha Hatsumomo, who's envious of Chiyo's stunning beauty. Rescued by Hatsumomo's rival, Chiyo blooms in her role as a geisha, but World War II threatens to change her privileged life forever. Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, Michelle Yeoh and Li Gong star.

Cast: Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, Koji Yakusho, Michelle Yeoh, Kaori Momoi Yoki Kudo, Li Gong, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Mako, Navia Nguyen, Karl Yune

William Arnold, Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

"[T]he movie works off its trio of delicious star performances, its sumptuous production values, its sprawling sets of old Kyoto, its sweeping John Williams score and haunting cello solos by Yo-Yo Ma.

The score was hauntingly beautiful..... I would see it again.

Have a lovely evening, all.


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