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9/2/2006 3:33 pm

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For those interested

I LEFT this web site for a long time because most men treated me without respect. Actually, many wrote verbal abuse in their emails.

I traveled most of my career and experienced incidences with married men colleagues knocking on my hotel room door five minutes past 2:00 a.m.!! (when the hotel bar closed and they were looking for sex...)

Sorry to the few really nice guys on this web site who were SINGLE or DIVORCED and expressed interest in me.

For the one person who continues to try to call me? I have a best friend who works for Homeland Security as well as an F.B.I agent friend - I WILL TRACK YOUR HOME INFORMATION DOWN AND HAVE MY ATTORNEY AS WELL AS A LOCAL DETECTIVE SPEAK WITH YOUR WIFE!

I have NEVER, EVER felt so sleazy and treated as a man would treat a whore as when I read what married men wrote to me. Thank goodness for KARMIC BALANCE!!!! What goes around, comes around - for sure.

I am such a progressivist yet still feel "slimed" sometimes here on this web site.

I am going to try again - but with an extremely careful "filter". I need to feel very safe.

Where *are* all of the gentlemen? Have things changed so much that "gentlemen" and "online" and mutually-exclusive terms?

Safe virtual and f2f travels,


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