Copy of my email to CNN President  

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11/6/2005 3:38 pm

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Copy of my email to CNN President

Attn: Jonathan Klein, President, CNN/U.S

Have the executives and demographics' researchers at CNN lost their minds? Replace Aaron Brown with an arrogant, un-watchable (I refuse to watch him) Anderson Cooper? Promoting a Gen-Xer because of his hurricane coverage? How weak.

You are also keeping your in-the-9/11-or-other-tragedy's-victim's-face news bulldog, Paula Zahn?? I refuse to watch her since her blatant disrespect for 9/11 victims and those impacted by the plane crash about a month later.

Do you really believe that Baby Boomers are not an extensive, influential market demographic? Do you believe that Baby Boomers like me will follow like sheep and watch Cooper or Zahn? You have got to be kidding. I may even stop watching the only person left that I do respect: Wolf Blitzer.

I had to read of Brown's abrupt departure in today's New York Times and not on CNN's web site?

CNN is becoming more like Fox everyday. That is, they function as the PR ARM of Da Village Idiot and other corrupt Republican neocons.

I can't wait to get the word out to everyone I know and provide them with some overseas URLs which provide wonderfully refreshing alternative views on news including events in the U.S..

CNN has gone to the Republican dogs. Another bad joke media outlet like Fox.

....not that my email will even get read much less acted on - that is, unless millions write to them. I doubt that will happen.

Stay warm

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