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1/16/2006 2:56 pm

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It's gone quiet done here in Blogsville. I started off during the heady days of the festive period and it was seemingly all go. But then there's a fake death from someone of never heard of, and, perhaps more tellingly, the return to work in chilly cold wet January, and those heady days are gone.

Ah well some of us are staying with it! So what can I say today?

Well it's been a quiet day for me personally, but there's always something happening out there, sadly a lot of it bad; bears in China being drained cruelly of their bile in small cages, mad Iranian leaders investing in the nuclear option, bloody Big Brother for God sakes!; But scratch beneath the surface and there's always some good lurking somewhere.

Mind you can't think of any at the moment other than Arsenal's 7 win at the weekend, but I guess that's good enough.

Yep I do shallow.


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