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Phwoar! Lovely Mind...

Fancy that – your brain’s on the pull, even when you don’t know it

The University of Chicago has found tha women use facial cues, such as rounded features, to choose a mate who is keen to have a family. If they want a short-term relationship, women favour craggy, strongly masculine faces, which tend to belong to men with higher testosterone levels.

Formen big breasts and a narrow waist are associated with up to 40 per cent higher levels of female hormones mid-cycle, indicating a high likelihood of fertility. Research has shown that men are drawn irresistibly to these proportions, as they are to symmetrical facial features in women, apparently a further sign of good breeding stock....

These “come-on” signs are all shaped by hormones, with the response to them also being driven by hormones that are released at the behest of the brain.

Most astonishing of all is the body’s ability to pick up cues that we’re not aware of. If you asked men whether the woman in their lives was ovulating, they wouldn’t have a clue. But men’s bodies know: they pick up subtle changes in women’s smell, which alter their hormones and make them more frisky.

So if the brain is so good at this attraction stuff, how come it often goes so horribly wrong? Why, for instance, do some women seem to be hardwired to pick feckless ne’er-do-wells every time they date a man? Why do men who are great dads run off with women half their age? One theory is that our brains are increasingly being misled. With the current level of plastic surgery, particularly re-engineered breasts, perhaps the brain is being fooled into thinking that it’s getting something it’s not.

Or it could be that we have out-evolved our basic instincts. Our ancestors led such short lives that begetting of genes took precedence over whether you could share your cave with someone for more than a year or three.

So today the advice must be to engage your brain before succumbing to the blandishments of your hormones. As dating agencies go, your hormones are rubbish.

Interesting stuff!


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