Oral or Straight  

sexybitch2kai6 32F
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5/1/2006 9:07 am

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5/15/2006 6:25 am

Oral or Straight

Is oral better than the actual penetration?
Oral's better
Penetration's better
Sex isn't sex without both of them

rm_coathanger1 48M
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5/1/2006 4:20 pm

You gotta have them both.

rm_tetrault25 36M

5/2/2006 8:05 am

I could go through life without straight sex if I had oral...

rm_byron1724 53M
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5/2/2006 9:31 am

it love laying back and relaxing as a woman gets me off with her mouth, I love the fact that she's enjoying it and getting herself horny, and then I love going down on her too, letting her relax as I gently circle her clit with my tongue, with my fingers inside her firmly stroking her g-spot, then after she's cum and is still all sensitive, I love to slip inside and fuck her as she comes again.. and again... and again...

noel_dub 40M
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5/10/2006 9:24 am

I just love the heat when you enter a pussy, and driving my cock in hard, thats something you just cant do with oral

dusty9812 36M
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5/21/2006 10:33 am

its got to be both!!!!!!!!!!!

trashhead2 42M
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5/23/2006 11:38 pm

should always have both if time allows, if not, either is fine with me!

rm_Willev 29M

7/5/2006 7:10 am


rm_Smoothyboy77 39M

7/17/2006 9:08 am

I absolutely adore oral and love to lick and play on a sexy pussy and clit for ages, bringing her all kinds of orgasm, but if you have both, then it is an amazing feeling to penetrate that wonderful wet pussy after having pleased it well....brilliant when both of you cum! >>!

rm_towguy693 38M
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8/3/2006 6:30 pm

nothing like a good blow job right before you drive it home

GuyFromEK 49M

8/9/2006 4:21 pm

if anyone doesnt say both i would be amazed lol

Camshafter007 49M

8/23/2006 9:50 am

Both for me.

7758521ywb 32M
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8/29/2006 8:09 am

which one you prefer?

I'll try my best

dannysfree2 39M

8/31/2006 11:48 am

u need both to have a good time for both of u

rm_alsa622 53M
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11/9/2006 3:23 pm


Magic4Sex 30M
1389 posts
3/4/2007 4:40 am

A mix of both can take you to heaven


rm_rex_130012 37M
3 posts
5/30/2007 7:40 pm

Its not sex if its not both!!!

rm_rex_130012 37M
3 posts
5/30/2007 7:41 pm

hey would you like to have some fun with me........

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