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5/31/2006 6:57 am

I met my wife in Jamaica and she is Jamaican. I was in Jamaica for a job that lasted 18 months so we were able to have a normal courting situation. When we got married I kind of knew that she had some baggage that she would need to handle, I aslo knew that she would not be able to handle it in Jamaica. Well after 14 months of seperation thanks to the American Government she was finally along to come her. Nothing much seemed to have changed between us and it seemed to be going alright. She got pregenant about 2 months after coming to America. A little scary but nothing we could not handle. When my daughter was about !, I noticed a change in my wife's behavior. I realized that there was something deeply wrong but I had know idea what and I had know idea what to do. Well that is about when her emotion affair started. She knew a guy from her past that was in the military and she contacted him. They after a period of time became more then just friends and there was a point last year where she was thinking about leaving me. Did she ever tell me this? Could I play the memory games and figure it out? To summarize, I had know idea that I was causing these problems and in know way did she express her feelings about them. Currently, she says she loves me with her mind but not with her heart. How can I win her heart again.

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