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5/16/2005 12:29 pm

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its so nice to have a day off after working the weekend. i cant stand the factt hat i cant stay awake past 11pm anymore. the other night i was in bed by 7:30pm. am i gettin old or what?LOL. anywho. i had a visitor on friday night, he said oh he'll cum over and it will be a quicky. i was thinking yeah he'll be here 5mins and i can get some sleep and be able to get up at 4:30am. Hell NO, 30mins later he asks "do u want me to cum" with out being rude i said yes please do, get it done and over with. dont get me wrong HES WONDERFUL in bed, i just wasnt really in the mood. so he said he wants to cum in my pussy, no big problem to me, since we did use some foam thingy. then he decides he wants to cum on my face, im thinkin great im gonna get up in the morning and look like a freak, hmmmmm hair gel anyone??? anyway thankfully it was just all over my face, so i got a towel and wiped it off. then he tells me it will make my face smooth, he has such smooth hands cuz he shoots one off like 3 times a day. must be very lonely to be him?!?!?! maybe thats why he is always buggin me.

kissablemeinmn 48F

5/16/2005 1:53 pm

LOL Men! It's a wonder they can breath and look at the same time.


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