Deep night--you should know what I want  

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11/19/2005 11:10 pm

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Deep night--you should know what I want

In this lonely world, I'm just a small star of the boundless welkin, waiting besides your bed alone. I'm looking at your sleeping face gloomingly, trying to reach your heart with mine. I know what your dream is and know what you are waiting for.
They said that a man's wife is his sun and lover is his moon. I don't want to be your sun as it has too hot while my humble heart cannot endure her flame. I cannot be your moon either as it is too cold while I have strong warmth in my blood vessels. Sun and moon will get tired one day. Once the tired feeling comes into being, it will never be repaired. While stars are different. Stars are always ready for lonelines. It can flashes right away, and it can glow for a long time. To be such a star is what I dreamed of.
I want to call you when you are away from me. I may get angry, even curse you when the cell phone is turned off. Yet once your phone is connected, you will always hear my tender laughter, normal greetings, never get my careness and anger out of my tougue. Because I don't want your love and will never give you such expectation.
When you are ill, I will go to hospital to see you, standing quietly besides your bed and telling you with my heart that I know your pain and your suffering. I will share all your suffering with you, but I will never show even a little love since that is what your wife should do. I will always place myself in the right position, even though I want to comfort you with my hug. What I can do is just telling your that if you need me I will always be there.
I will hid my feeling deep inside the sea. Although there are surging waves deep in the sea it is peaceful as a mirror in the surface. I will never ask you to make a commitment. Everything is providence. You have your own life, and I have mine.
That is everything I want, and it can only be like this.

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Very Nice'

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