who is the one to blame  

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6/1/2006 6:08 pm
who is the one to blame

Mistress looked at me with cold eyes and I felt all the displeasure flowing from her to me. Oh God I was in trouble again, and after such a short time of being back in favour too!
You see I love to be the one to push. I should and do know my place but I just can't help myself. Being cheeky is one of my trademarks, what makes me feel alive as a sub. Now I was going to pay the price for my isulence.

'get on your knees puss' Mistress's eyes burned like never before as she spat the words into my face at close quarters. Too close for me not to close my eyes in reaction. She had hold of me by the hair, twisting it in her fingers not once but twice. It hurt I can tell you but I dare not say a word. I just held it all in and hoped that by doing so she would not be too harsh with me.

I had been in the house by myself earlier you see. It was warm and quiet and I had not been allowed to cum for a week. Mistress had come home early that week with a bad head and caught me in the throws of a mighty orgasm. I could not believe that I had been caught! I had not heard the door as I had forgotten to place the chain over the catch in order to hear her coming in. My punishment was therefore set at not being allowed to cum for one week. She made it very clear that if she had been feeling better she would have done a punishment there and then and woe betide me if I was caught mid week bringing myself pleasure.

So with that firmly in my mind I was on my knees awaiting what I knew would be one hell of a punishment, but as always, I had brought it upon myself.

Mistress let go off my hair with a swing of her hand. I threw my head down in shame, not wanting to look at her face. She whispered in my ear that my safe word would be respected but that would be all. She assured me she was in full control of her emotions. God I wish I was! I was shaking as if from the cold. 'That must be the guilt' I thought to myself. I heard her go to the drawer and slide it open. I knew what was coming and wished myself elsewhere. 'Maybe I would enjoy it' I thought. 'Don't be daft, its a punishment' said my consience.

'I think twenty should put you back in your place don't you?' Mistress said in a way that assured me my answer would not be nessasary. I felt her hand raise my T shirt until I knew she wanted it taken off. Next were my shorts. It was one of the few times I wished I wore underware as it would have given me a few extra minutes. Instead I braced myself as the leather flogger came down on me with a whoosh. Mistress held me by my collar to keep me steady as the impact went through my body, from the buttocks up I felt it. This was not for pleasure, not the nice build up we both enjoy. I did well to keep quiet as the flogger came down again and again. What was worse I thought, getting caught in the first place, the displeasure from the one person I am there to please, the punishment itself or having to thank her for each stroke. Yes Mistress always expects a thankyou. My voice was starting to quiver by the tenth. The burn was increasing but so were my endorphine levels. It stung but I was managing. By the fifteenth the sweat was dripping from my nose but I knew I could not wipe it away. I needed my arms to hold me while my punishment continued. At last I thanked her for the nineteenth and knew the last one would be the hardest of all. I held my breath as I heard it coming through the air. It seemed to last forever before it cracked against my red skin.

I slumped faward as Mistress let go of my collar. She took me tenderly by my arms and turned me around. She had a look in her eyes not of punishment but of love. Getting to the floor and holding me close she took a tissue and gently wiped my sweat and tear stained face. She lent down to my face and gave me the most tender kiss I have ever had. I knew then that I had been forgiven.

Mistress helped me to my feet and held me close. We stood there for an eternity. I could see the flogger, wet with my sweat lying on the floor. Twenty rounded leather straps bound into one at the top, joining a hand made leather handle. It made me wince to look at it so I shut my eyes tight and buried my head into Mistress's shoulder. Mistress took me gently by the collar and led me through to the sitting room where she lowed herself into her chair. I knew without being told where I should go. Keeping with her grasp on my collar I gently lowered myself onto the floor to sit by her feet. It stung as I sat, reminding me in the physical sense of my punishment. She lowered my head onto her lap and I let out a sigh as she stroked my hair.

I was certainly put back in my place and in the future would think twice about doing my Mistress wrong.

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