together boy forever boy  

sexyasianangel70 37F
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6/1/2006 5:27 pm
together boy forever boy

I miss you so much. I miss your voice, your touch, your smell, and most of all your manliness... I miss being able to please you like this...

I go down on my knees in front of you, you spread your legs. I gently lift your soft penis, rolling it so very softly around my fingers whilst caressing your balls with my left hand. I blow at your little head lightly, delighting in watching it throb at my touch. I take you whole in my mouth and suckle you, loving the way you grow larger in my warm enclosure. But I quickly stop.. I want to prolong your pleasure. I slip you out of my mouth and leave you quivering.

I flick out my tongue, and begin to softly, ever so softly lick under your balls, the soft spot below. My soft moist tongue run across your balls, I slide from left to right, and top to bottom, making sure your balls are
covered. I even slide down under to make sure that I reach the area just beneath your balls. I breath in deeply .... I Love the smell of you. Hmmmm. Then slowly, I open my mouth to cover your right ball and softly, slowly suck it all in. I alternate between licking and sucking your balls... one after the other. I watch as you grow harder each passing second. After a while, I lift my head to inspect your stick, which has been purposely neglected. Starting from the base, I kiss your precious cock all over. I plant little butterfly kisses all the way to the top...careful not to have too much contact. I want to tease you. When I reach the top, I give a little flick between your slit, to taste the precum that has seeped through. My moist tongue comes out now, and I give little, tiny little licks all over your beautiful cock, like I'm licking an ice cream (but much more delicious, of course).. lovingly. I concentrate on the underside of your head. I keep doing that, kiss, lick, suckle. Kiss lick suckle...

Then, when you think you can't take it any more (you're so hard now, you're straining against my hands), I position my mouth directly over your head..mouth open wide, I slide down your shaft.. slowly. You feel first the tip of your mouth go past my lips, then my teeth. I stop just to tickle your little cap with my tongue. You just want to push my head all the way down, but you know I know what I am doing. Slowly, I begin to move downwards, half of you is inside my mouth already. I begin a sucking motion, creating a kind of soft vacuum. I come up, all the way to the top and then move down, with slow, constant movement and pressure. Soon you feel your head touching the back of my mouth... but I continue to move downwards more... Then you hear
me take a deep breath, and then.. pop, your shaft slides into my throat, and my lips touches your pubic hair. I begin to wiggle the back of my tongue, to stroke the underside of your head. I slide up and go down again,
sucking a little harder this time. I stop when your head is in my throat, then, I try to swallow, and you feel my throat tighten around your shaft...Feels good doesn't it?

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