th way i can lets talk through lovers land  

sexyasianangel70 38F
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6/1/2006 5:43 pm
th way i can lets talk through lovers land

One of my female teachers turned out to be into spanking. We started out only spanking, and later became lovers. It lasted about a year. She was the most intense spanker/lovers I have ever had. I still think about her. It all started when I used to work in her office. She is such an overly domineering woman, I didn't like her at all when I first started working for her. But she was very hot. Spanish. Very tall and tan with dark thick locks of curly hair. She was in her 40's and I was in my early 20s.
Anyway, we started working together and pretty soon she would come by the house to drop of transcripts and stuff, and she figured out that Lori, my roommate, and I were lovers. So one day she told me about a relationship she had with a woman when she was in college and we sort of got to be good friends after that. Well, we flirted and she got attached to me or started too. Amidst the flirting, the birthday spanking thing came up one day and she teased me about not getting my work done all the time and that she was going to spank me for that stuff. God, this drove me nuts of course! Here is this gorgeous woman saying she was going to spank me when I have to beg my girlfriend at home to tap me a few times... God!

We started spending a lot of time weekend when Lori was out of town, we went out to the bar. Back at her house she whispered in my ear asking me if she could spank me. She took me across her lap and gave me a very good wasn't really hard....but it was intense. It was the words that she said to me.. how she caressed me otherwise besides the spanking....and the thought that I knew how much she cared for me. I wore a dress, and she pulled it up and then yanked my panties down with no argument from me of course!! And from that night on she spanked me many, many times. We never had sex I was very happy otherwise with Lori. She was content to watch and wait until the thing with Lori fell apart, and when it did she scooped me up and picked up the pieces.

I have never connected with a lover like I did with her....and I was totally sub, until she taught me to be a dom with her. What a thrill that was because she was so dominant and she encouraged me to be a dom with her. This was such a thrill because she wanted the whole white picket fence thing. Forget Lori, give up my independence....Ultimately, that's why it didn't work . Yes, I got to spank her too. For the first time I gave a REAL spanking to someone who loved it as much as I did. Impossible to tell you how exciting that was.

We spanked all the time. Sometimes many times daily...sometimes weekends of spanking....everywhere. She would pull power plays on me in public at restaurants sometimes....drove me nuts. Saying just a little too loud things like, "If you do such and such, I'm going to take your panties down and spank you to the car!" and then watching the guy at the table next to us drop his fork on the floor, or his girlfriend clear her throat nervously...LOL...those were fun times! I used to charge up hundreds of dollars worth of long distance calls on her car phone, and have fun doing the bratty stuff, just to get spanked, it was really fun. I don't know what happened to her I think she’s still teaching college somewhere.

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