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6/1/2006 5:15 pm was my heart did when i saw you

Coming across the floor, in the casino was a woman about 5’ 6” tall, strawberry blond hair, curled under so that it outlined her very petite face. She had on a full-length fur coat, which was buttoned up all the way. She also had on a pair of red high heels, and stockings. Her fingernails were painted red, and she also had on red lipstick. I happened to be in a booth along with a friend of mine named Greg, as we were watching her I mentioned to him “I wonder if she is wearing anything under that coat”

Greg then looked over the top of his Jack Daniel’s raised his eyebrows and smiled, I looked at him and nodded because I knew for a fact that she was naked because this woman was my wife. Named Kathy.
This was her first time being out in public naked like this I had arranged for her what to wear, and basically told her that she was my slave for the night and she was to do whatever I told her. Whatever!

I motioned for her to come and sit down; I got up and let her slide in the middle between us. We just did some small talk as I slowly started to unbutton her coat buttons, so that I had access to her shaved pussy, it was so soft, and velvet and a little moist. I started to slowly caress the outside of her pussy concentrating on just doing small slow circles around her clit. Kathy was slowly started to get aroused and having a hard time sitting still. Greg went to get something to drink and while he was gone I told Kathy “When he comes back I am going to tell him that are naked, underneath that coat, and when I do I want you to grab his hand and put it on your thigh”


Well Greg finally came back with the drinks, I looked Greg in the eyes and said “Greg, Kathy has something to show you” he looked at her as she grabbed his hand and moved his hand down onto her thigh. He just looked at her kind of dumfounded, and slowly started to move his hand up her thigh.

I was watching her face and when he hit her soft hot spot, she let out a gasp, and he just smiled and said “ Well Kathy I guess you are naked underneath your coat, in more ways than one. I like the feeling of a shaved pussy, and also a very wet one”

Greg moved her so that she was facing him, and he made her slide up right to the edge of the chair, he used his knees to spread her wide, and his right hand had disappeared back underneath the table. And with his left he put it on the table and leaned in so that it looked like two people just talking. By the sounds of Kathy’s breathing she was starting to move around a little bit, she was getting a little turned on.

I then asked Greg “ well, what are going to do with her?” he looked at me and smiled and said “ first she is going to start to get really wet, and hot. As I slowly work not one, not two either, but finally three maybe four fingers into her. I am going to slowly stretch her and then I am going to make her come right here. But she had better not draw security, because if she starts to lose control of herself she will be punished” at that Kathy let out a gasp.

Well I went to get some drinks for everybody, and when I arrived back at the table Kathy was taking deep controlled breaths, I gave her the drink that she downed in one shot,

Greg was talking to her in a whisper “Oh that’s right slowly build your orgasm, concentrate on not making any noise, it has to be really hard, now try to control yourself as I massage your engorged clit”

All Kathy could do was to look up and open her mouth like a silent pant, and then she looked down and started to whimper.

Then Kathy started to pant and moan “Oh no, not in my ass too, please don’t I am going to come so hard.” And she then leaned forward and put her head on Greg’s shoulder and she then started what I believe was her orgasm. Her whole body tensed, she let out a silent moan closed her eyes and stayed in that position for a good 40 seconds.

I looked at her and smiled and told her “Oh my it looks like somebody has had a orgasm,” Greg looked at me with lust in his eyes I thought to myself he must have a raging hard on. I said to Greg “What do you think of her?” he just smiled at me.

Kathy lit up a cigarette and started to smoke it. And I said, “Before you do that, I think that Greg would like some attention. I imagine that he has a very hard cock buy now.”

Kathy shot me this glance, but it was slave weekend, so she lowered her hand down into Greg’s crotch and started to massage him through his pants. I said to Kathy and him “Oh yea we are going to have fun tonight.”
When we left the casino, I was parked in the casino parking garage in a kind of seclude spot. I had a bag with some toys in it, nipple clamps, dildo, butt plug, and a blindfold, and a paddle. I whispered to Greg “Let me go out to my Dodge ram charger, and I will blindfold her, and then you can show up and we will have some fun with her.”

When I arrived at my truck I made Kathy strip and put her blindfold on. And it was not to long before Greg showed up, when he arrived he opened the truck door, Kathy was in back blindfolded.

Greg took one look at my toy selection, and told her to get out of the truck, which she did. He had grabbed the paddle and led her around the front of the truck. And he put her hands on the hood, and told her “Remember that I had told you inside the casino, that if you could not be quiet, you would be punished.”
Now she is blindfolded, naked, and in a casino parking garage. And there are people either driving by or walking by. As Greg proceeds to paddle her ass, the sound reverberates through the garage. I have a good view of Kathy’s face as Greg is spanking her ass; she has the look of ecstasy.

By now several people have driven by and honked their horns, and others have start to slowly make their way over to see what is going on? And Greg tells her “Several people are watching you, so I want you to tell them how much you like to be spanked.”

So Kathy is saying “ I deserved to be punished! I have been such a bad girl tonight, Spank me!” Now the crowd is growing larger and starting to watch intensely. So Greg spanks her 5 more times with authority. And Kathy is biting her lip and trying not to show any emotion.

He then leads her back to the open door of the truck, but before he does he walks her around the back of the truck. And lets everybody get a real good look at her, and her now very pink ass.

When both of them finally get back in the truck, I tell them “There sure were a lot of people watching. What a show you both put on.”

When they both get back in the truck I tell her to “Get on her knees on the floor.” And I point to the nipple clamps, Greg picked them up and pinched her very erect and hard nipple and put the nipple clamp on, and then he did the other nipple. I told her to bend over the back seat so that her ass was facing Greg and me. I picked up the dildo and gave it to Greg whom, looked at it and then moved Kathy’s legs apart and put the head at the entrance to her pussy and slowly shoved it in until it was buried inside her.

By now Kathy was panting a little bit I told Greg “Make her scream in ecstasy” so he started to pump her hard and long. Long deep strokes, while at the same time he was also massaging her clit. She was starting to pant and move her hips with the rymthic pumping of the dildo, she was moaning and panting and it was starting to get very intense. Kathy was starting to buck and really move her hips as she moved closer to her orgasm.

And as she was lost in her own body, I put some lube on her ass. She did not even notice she was in orgasmic land, I watched as Greg pulled the dildo out and moved it to the entrance to her ass, and she leaned right back into it as it slowly entered her she let out a “Oh yes, Oh yes”

Kathy slowly rotating her hips, and buried the dildo in her ass, I told her to start begging for it; she leapt right in “ Oh. Greg fuck me in my ass, that’s it fuck me deep, hard. Make me come, I want you to fuck me, until I come that’s it, oh yea!”

Greg is slowly fucking her with deep slow long thrusts. And he makes a comment that “Her pussy is getting really wet.” She then started to scream and whither as she let loose with her orgasm.

Kathy is on her knees with a butt plug in, dildo inserted in her pussy. And her nipple clamps still on, which are a very bright red and engorged, and her blindfold is still in place. Greg is playing with her clit and pulling on her nipple clamps.

Well, I notice that we need gas, and I also need cigarettes. So I pull into a conveince store. And ask him if “He needs anything.” And he says “A couple of things, cigarettes, something to drink.” So I take Kathy’s blindfold off and tell her “Here is the money go inside in pay.” Kathy looks at me and says “Like this! Naked!” I smile at her and open the door.

We both watch her get out of the truck and tentatively walk up to the store and open the door and go inside. And I asked Greg to finish pumping the gas while I went inside also.

And when I opened the door the guy behind the counter was telling her “Do you like my cock, you look so hot, and nasty, I could just come all over you!” When I walked up to the counter he had his pants down, and his cock in his hand.

And I looked at him and smiled. I then told Kathy “ Go find the baby oil, and come back up here.” After she had found it, I told her to “Go behind the counter, and jack this guy off.” She slowly made her to the back of the counter, and opened the baby oil and poured it into her hands. She then reached down and started to slowly massage this guy’s cock.

Then this guy reaches up and starts to slowly massage her clit, she lets out a gasp, and pretty soon he is really starting to get Kathy to moan and gasp with pleasure. It does not take long before the both of them are on the verge of coming. He lets out a long moan and erupts all over the counter.

When we get back in the truck, I make her tell Greg what she has just done. And Greg tells her “Show me what you did.” And Greg pulls his pants off and leans back as Kathy starts to slowly stroke his cock. While she is starting to massage his cock to a full hard erection. He tells her “ Describe my cock to me.”

So I hear Kathy start to describe Greg’s cock. “ It feels good in my hand, I can not even put my whole hand around it. It feels really hot, and it takes both my hands and I haven’t even touched the head. Which is very beautiful and soft.”

When we get home I make her kneel in front of an ottoman that we have in the middle of the living room. Greg stands in front of her and she runs her hands up his thighs across his cock until her face is right in front of his cock. She then grabs it and slowly starts to suck on the head in little bitty circles, she then takes him in her mouth and when she does he starts to moan. But she is taking her time, as she feels his hard cock grow. I say to myself this man has a very large cock, because it kept getting bigger and bigger and the girth. Kathy’s mouth was stretching just to try to suck on the shaft.

Greg sits down on the ottoman and starts to fuck Kathy with the dildo, now she is starting to get really hot, Greg’s cock is getting a dark red with a purple head. Kathy is really sucking on the head of his cock, his cock glistened with her saliva, and she stopped what she was doing and started to slowly jack him off.

He was slowly moving the dildo in and out; I guess they were at that place where they wanted each other. So Kathy got up and turned to me and when she did Greg grabbed her waist and sat her down so that she had her back to him, but her legs were spread over his thighs. And his cock was teasing her entrance to her pussy.

So he positioned his cock right at the entrance and just started to slowly massage her clit pretty soon she was rotating her hips and slowly his cock started to disappear inside her. She was starting to gasp and moan as he slowly entered her.

He was slowly massaging her clit, she had her hand on his wrist, and her other hand was pinching her nipples, then the head of Greg’s cock finally introduced himself inside Kathy’s pussy. She screamed “Oh! My, oh! He is so big he is stretching me wide” Greg had one arm around her waist as he started to thrust his cock slowly but forcefully inside her.

The whole time he was doing this it sounded like Kathy was holding her breath. Until he finally had his cock fully buried inside Kathy’s pussy. That’s when she started to take fast deep breaths and she wrapped her legs around Greg’s legs. She wanted to ride him but he held her down. So his cock was buried deep inside her.
And he kept her held down as he started to massage her clit. She just threw her head back and started to moan. As he stood up he turned her around a put her face down on the ottoman. Greg was on his knees. And still buried deep inside her. He grabbed her ankles and brought them up and held them next to his thighs.
And then he proceeded to thrust hard and long into Kathy’s wet pussy. And when he started a deep primal scream came from Kathy. And she had a far away look on her face, and then she reached down and started to play with her clit. And it was not long before she screamed, “Fuck me! Fuck me with your big hard cock!”
She then started to buck her hips and scream with each thrust. As Greg was intensifying his thrusting and piledriving into Kathy’s wet pussy. Kathy was panting with each thrust until he slowed down, and gave one long, hard, deep thrust. And when he did Kathy arched her back and her hips settled into the acceptance of come deep inside her. And all she said was “Yes! Oh that feels so good!”

And Greg collapsed on top of her. As she savored his hard cock turning to putty inside her, she was still shaking with orgasmic aftermath. After he had withdrawn his now soft member. Kathy rolled over and smiled at the both of us. She had a very satisfied look on her face.

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