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6/6/2006 4:56 pm
stay in singapore on 16th - 20th june

Have you ever said something that you came to regret?

I was in the local park with my friend Ian. I had known him all my life. We were the same age, at this time 13. He and his parents used to live with his grandmother who lived next to my grandmother. So when I used to go to stay with her we used to play together. His family had sinced moved house but only about a mile away so our friendship had continued. We had ended up in the same school although in different classes. Our friendship had grown to the stage where mutual masturbation sessions were fairly frequent.

‘Do you want to come over to my house tomorrow?’ he said. ‘My parents are out for the day and Andy’s coming over.’ Andy was in my class. He was a serious and highly intelligent boy. I couldn’t imagine it would be much fun with him around but I said I’d go.

We were in Ian’s bedroom, chatting and listening to music. Ian went to the toilet. Out of the blue and, most unexpectedly, Andy said, ‘The boys in Ian’s class reckon he has the most enormous cock.’ It was true. How I envied him. It was easily the biggest in our year I thought and possibly the biggest in the school. ‘Yes he has,’ I said. ‘Do you want to see it?’ ‘Yes I do.’

When Ian came back I waited for the right moment then, when he sat on the bed, I jumped on him and lay across his chest, pinning his arms down. ‘What are you doing?’ said Ian. ‘Andy wants to see your cock,’ I said. ‘Well he can sod off!’ But Andy sat on his legs and slowly but surely undid Ian’s trousers and pulled them down. Ian already had an erection and the sight, even with his underpants still on, was impressive. Andy soon had his pants down and Ian’s huge penis was displayed in all its glory. Ian was struggling but with the two of us on top opf him he was helpless. We both played with him for a while, by which time Ian was quite enjoying it I think, then let him go and he got dressed. Immediately he jumped on Andy and said, ‘Right, Let’s see what you’ve got then.’ I knew, from showers after PE, that it wasn’t much but I soon has his trousers and pants down and we played with his small, circumcised cock. ‘Right,’ said Ian, looking at me, your turn!’ I didn’t mind being naked in the showers but I didn’t fancy Andy and Ian fiddling around so I said ‘No way!’ They tried to overpower me but I was stronger than them. Then I said, and to this day I wonder why I said it, ‘You’ll have to tie me up first.’ I didn’t really mean for them to do it, although I had often wondered what it would feel like to be tied up and helplessly at someone else’s mercy. Suddenly I found myself face down on the bed with Andy sitting on top of me. I couldn’t get him off me. Then Ian got an old tie from his wardrobe and they tied my hands tightly behind my back. I was turned back over and, powerless to stop them now, my trousers were undone and pulled down to my knees. Andy sat back and admired the view before slowly, very slowly, lowering my underpants to expose my erect cock. They played with it for a while and I assumed that, like them earlier, I would be allowed to dress. However, a strange, almost evil smile spread across Andy’s face. ‘You know,’ he said to Ian, ‘with him tied up like this we can do anything we like!’ This did not sound good! ‘ What shall we do?’ asked Ian. ‘Let’s strip him completely,’ said Andy. Ian laughed and nodded and, despite my protestations, they removed my shoes and socks and completely removed my trousers and pants. They couldn’t remove my T-shirt without untying my hands and risking my escape but they pulled it up over my face, down my arms and wrapped it around my bound wrists. I was completely naked! At first they just sat there laughing and teasing my cock and balls until Ian said ‘What do we do now?’ Let’s make him walk around the other rooms,’ said Andy. ‘No!’ I said. It was bad enough being naked and tied in Ian’s bedroom but I really didn’t fancy being in another room. ‘Looks like he needs some persuasion,’ said Andy. He rolled me onto my front and gave my right buttock a hard slap! Ian laughed and gave my left buttock a hard slap then they carried on! After each had slapped me about ten times I shouted, ‘All right! All right! I’ll do whatever you want!’ ‘You have to go into the furthest corner of each room,’ said Andy as he pulled me to my feet. I’m taken out onto the landing and led into the bathroom. Then I’m taken into the small bedroom and finally into the main bedroom. It felt very strange to be walking around completely exposed like this. When we came out of the main bedroom I headed back towards Ian’s room. ‘We haven’t finished yet,’ said Andy. ‘There’s more rooms downstairs.’ Downstairs? They can’t be serious! What if somebody sees me? ‘No way!’ I said again. ‘Looks like he needs a bit more persuasion,’ says Andy but, with my backside still sore from my earlier spanking, I decided to go along with it. ‘All right I’ll go,’ I said. I followed them downstairs. This felt very weird! We went to the far corner of the middle room then I was led into the front room. I was very nervous! Then, horror! The front doorbell sounded. ‘Untie me and get me back upstairs,’ I shouted. ‘Let’s see who it is first,’ says Ian and answers the door! All I could hear was a muffled woman’s voice. Then I heard Ian say,’Come in, it’s in the front room.’ He wasn’t really going to bring a woman into the room where I was tied and naked? I looked around and just in time noticed a big armchair in the corner. If I could get behind that I would be hidden. I just got there in time before Ian came in followed by the woman. She had come to collect some catalogue money which was on a shelf above the chair! She walked over and, looking up I could see her reach over the chair to get at the money. What if she looks down or drops the money? I’m thinking but luckily she doesn’t. When she’d gone I got out from behind the chair and said, ‘That’s enough now. Untie me and let me dress!’ But Andy just smiled that evil smile again. ‘There’s one more room to go into yet - the kitchen.’ At least it was a small room and it wouldn’t take long. So I went to the far end of the kitchen and then turned around ready to go back upstairs and put my clothes back on. Andy, however, had other ideas and had shut the kitchen door. ‘I think we should take him out into the garden,’ he said. The garden ? They expected me to walk around the garden naked? They must be mad! ‘I will not go outside!’ I shouted angrily. ‘You can spank me all day if you like but I’m not going outside like this.’ Ian smiled, opened the back door and went out. He returned carrying two canes that his mother probably used to support plants. ‘Andy read his mind, bent me over one of the kitchen stools and took one of the canes. They each gave me six hard strokes on my already sore backside. ‘Enough!’ I screamed in pain. I knew now I was completely at their mercy. ‘Let’s get it over with!’ They led me out through the back door. It wasn’t cold but there was a light breeze. It had felt bad enough walking around the house naked being naked out of doors was really embarrassing! The only time I had been naked outside was on the beach when somebody had pulled the towel away when I was changing. It was only a split second before I was able to pull up my swimming trunks but it felt as if everybody had seen me. ‘Same rules,’ said Andy. ‘You have to go as far as you can.’ My God! Ian’s garden was huge! It must have been over a hundred yards long! I started to run, to get it over with but I wasn’t allowed to - I had to walk normally. I was terrified! What if visitors came! What if Ian’s parents came back? At last, after what seemed like forever, we got to the end of the garden. If I thought that was the end of my humiliation I was wrong! Ian had fetched two lengths of rope. With one they tied me to a tree at the end of the garden. The other was tied to one ankle, taken around the back of the tree and tied to my other ankle so there was no way I could cross my legs to hide my private parts. Then they went back to the house!! Leaving me tied helplessly to the tree where anyone could see me! After a while they returned and teased my cock and balls again to make sure I was erect. Then - the sound I had been dreading! Voices! And the sound of the garden gate opening. I looked towards it in horror. Five boys! All from our school - three from Ian’s class and two from mine. Ian and Andy had phoned them, told them what was going on and invited them to come and join in my humiliation. And then I discovered the worst part! Each of them was armed! William came up to me first, reached in his pocket, took out a polaroid camera and took three photos of my naked state. Vaughan was next. He took out a tin of black shoe polish which he rubbed over my nipples, my balls and my cock. He even pulled back my foreskin and applied the polish the glans! It felt really uncomfortable! William took another photo then Ron came up. He was carrying a bucket and a large white paper bag. He poured the bucket of water all over me then reached into the bag. It was flour. He threw handfuls of flour all over me till I was covered head to foot. More photos, then Alan came over. He had asqueezy bottle of tomato ketchup and used me for target practice till it was all gone. Yet more photos before the final assault came from Kevin. He had a large plastic bucket in which was a disgusting mixture of all sorts of things - baked beans, custard - I don’t know what altogether. The final photos (what were they for? I hoped they would not be showing them around school!) They left me in my sorry state for quite a while but there was one more humiliation to come. Armed with buckets, soap and sponges they washed me. Every inch of me - even pulling back my foreskin to remove the shoe polish. Ian had not been willing to let me back into the house in such a mess. Finally I was clean and released from the tree but my hands were not untied. Everybody took me back to Ian’s room where I was now tied to the bed! They each took turns playing with my cock and balls and pinching my nipples. Then I found out the truth about the photos. ‘The photos are our insurance policy,’ said Andy. If you try to get us into trouble about this we’ll show them to everyone who knows you - including girls. Also, if we want to tie you up again to play with you had better agree - for the same reason.’ Five more times during the holidays one of them would phone or knock my door and say, simply, ‘It’s playtime!’ and I would have no choice but to go with them allow myself to be stripped and tied up and humiliated in similar ways at different houses and once in a local woods.

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