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5/31/2006 5:46 pm

There is one thing she must be deprived of before we consider any others, and she must agree to be deprived of it - I will not use force. For the benefit of purists (although, of course, I cannot prove we are actually doing this) I shall ask her this in the text. "susan, I ask you to relinquish to me your power of choice, in other words agree that for the rest of the day I will make your choices for you, and you will simply agree without question or hesitation. Do you agree?"

"Yes Mistress."

So now she has no choice - she has agreed to obey. The next deprivation will be of your modesty, susan. Take off your clothes, my love, slowly so I can watch you. I love to watch her undress. For those few of you fortunate enough to have seen her pictures, description of susan is unnecessary. For the others - she is quite tall, with nice long shapely legs. She has a cascade of brown hair down way past her shoulders, lovely sparkly eyes and medium pointy breasts which she is very sensitive about, but believe me they are very sexy, and they are very sensitive, to the point where she can easily get turned on whenever she goes out braless and the fabric rubs her nipples. I may explore that later. she does not shave her pubic bush, which W/we bother prefer.

Now she has undone her green satin blouse and her white lacy bra is on view. Below that she has a darker green mini skirt, not too short so as not to expose her stockings and suspenders - I abhor tights/pantyhose. I will tell you that underneath she also wears white bikini panties and garter belt, and now you will excuse me while I watch her strip.

And here she stands, naked, but with a nervous smile. Anyone who has chatted to susan (recently at least, now she is recovering from her ordeal at the hands of her boyfriend) will know she is an impish devil. Not quite in the same league as my dear "thumb" and Devia's "kitten", but working on it, often leaving a trail of destruction and discarded clothing in her wake. But now she stands before me in quiet acquiescence - W/we have nothing to prove to each other except to reinforce O/our love and affection. But that impish smile is there, hidden just beneath the surface if W/we need it.

Back to deprivation. Modesty is next, my susan. Turn round, bend over, show me your most intimate self. Thank you, now face me again.Consider now the five basic human senses - touch, sight, sound, taste and smell. What better place to start than these basic senses?

I shall start with touch. I could, of course, deprive her of touch using gloves or boxes or padding, but that is not my wish (nor hers, I suspect). After all, I may want her to touch me, or herself, later. I shall therefore supplant the word "touch" with "movement", which is necessary for touch. "Come here susan, turn your back to me, and put your hands behind you.".... There, all done. I love to see a girl's hands tied and here they are right before me. (I also know susan likes to be tied this way.) Her fingers are relaxed in that sort of half-open position hands relax to. They are crossed and now have a dark blue satin band twice round the X her wrists make and once through to form a "+" shape, and then double-knotted. she is right to be relaxed, since she knows by now that when I tie her there will be no escape. But you like to feel that don't you my pet? you like to pull and strain against them, not because you believe you will escape but because you like to remind yourself of the fact you cannot.her wrists are resting against her buttocks and she is comfortable. Unable to get free - but comfortable. Deprived of freedom. Next, her elbows.... Now they are tied together, just above her elbows, again not tight enough to cause pain but enough to thrust her chest forward and amplify her helplessness. "Turn around susan, so I can see you." Ah those lovely pointy nipples. Very tasty. Excuse me..... They look lovely glistening with saliva and she shivers as I blow on them. Hmmm, concentrate D, this is serious scientific work! LOL. her feet are next. Careful you don't fall over, susan my love.... And finally your sexy knees... There susan, you now have no movement , no freedom, no ability to touch. feel good? Yes, of course it does.

Now, what's next? Sight I think. It is a lovely day, with the sun streaming through the playroom window and everything outside so green. And I am going to deprive her of all that. On moment.... The blindfold is large enough to cut out all light and thick enough not to be seen through, yet only covers as much of her face as is necessary for its purpose. All sight deprived.Taste - well I cannot deprive her of the sense of taste, but I can deprive her of the ability to taste, or at least taste anything apart from the plastic ball of her gag. susan likes gags. she and ella talk so much I am sure they are the sole reason the gag was invented! We bought some new ones recently - how easy they are to obtain now we have the Internet to shop with. New ones do have rather a plastic taste though don't they my love? W/we'll have to do something about that won't W/we susan? I give you the option, pet -you or me? Hmmm, diplomatic choice, susan. Excuse me while I provide her with a taste of her Mistress and at the same time deprive her of all other tastes.

There W/we have it - her mouth forced wide open by the ball, and the straps round under her hair. A curious experience, wearing a ball-gag. I urge all dominants to try it at least once. Before you ask, yes I have. It is not enough to simply open your mouth wide and imagine it. There is the more restful side of not having to use your muscles to keep your mouth open, and also the helpless side of being unable to eject it. And this subbie here likes her ball-gags don't you susan? she responded with a nod and a few short grunts which I will take to mean "yes Mistress". Asking her questions supplies her with what most subbies revel in, frequent reminders of just how helpless she is right now. My question obliges her to answer, yet she can do no more than grunt until I permit her to speak once again. I do not imagine the taste of me will last long on the ball, but I am sure I will find a way to remind her later.

For the sake of this exercise I am going to clip her nose to deprive the sense of smell. Just for a moment susan love, trust me there is no panic necessary. The dangerous combination of nose clip and ball gag means she has to breathe round her gag. she can do this provided she does it slowly. That's it. And that's enough. Off with the gag. Breathe again pet. I am not really into breathing control, so this was just for the experience in her, a demonstration of complete trust. I hope she knows I would never harm her.I have removed the gag now - W/we may use it later for one of my favourite games, bringing your Mistress to orgasm with a ball gag. Mmmm. Meanwhile, what to do with a girl who can only breathe through her mouth? Simple. I love to do this. I also know she will be expecting it, and she is starting to flush around her neck and chest. I shall cut off her breathing with my open-mouthed kiss. To breathe she must do so through me. Excuse me for a few minutes....

Mmmmm. I love to do that. The first time is not easy, and again requires complete trust. Think about the sequence - I breath in through my nose while she holds her breath. I exhale as she inhales my breath. Slowly is the only way. Next she slowly breathes out into my lungs. Finally she holds her breath while I exhale through my nose ready to bing in fresh air. Not recommended if there's flu about! I often bring them to orgasm while doing this, and am able to share with them the quickening of their breathing and the loss of control, and believe me it intensifies the experience a lot!susan seems disappointed I am not doing that now, judging by her pelvic movements (such as her constriction allows) in expectancy of my manual caress. But don't you understand susan, my love? This session is about deprivation, and denying you my own touch is just another deprivation. Touch deprivation. Clever, huh? "Happy, susan?" "Yes Mistress, thank You."Of course the obvious question is whether I am depriving her at all. By these deprivations I am actually providing her with what she craves - being helpless and owned. One of the conundra of BDSM.

What else can I deprive her of? Well, just about anything I guess. Food, drink? No, not for us. I leave that sort of deprivation to those who like it. Time itself maybe? We have no clocks in the play room or the cellars,
quite deliberately so that even when my subs are able to see they still have no idea of the time of day or just how long they will endure (enjoy?) whatever I have planned for them. And I amplify my control of their time by varying the length of their "ordeals" and never giving any clue as to how long it will last.

As a side note here, my clever hubby has devised another addition to our remote-controlled "arsenal", namely sets of cuffs which can be remote-fastened or released. One set is "free" - merely attached to the computer by it's wires, another is fixed to the rear of the computer chair and the other set is fixed to the desk allowing just enough freedom to type, thereby allowing remote control over the chat line. This downline control box fascinates and amuses me, and I am amazed more Dominants do not ask to play with my subs that way. Maybe You all doubt the credibility of such a device, but I can always provide Neil's design notes for anyone who wants to build their own.

To the point of my aside - we now have an on-screen timer which can control any or all of the attachments. In that way a sub can be remote-cuffed for a set (or random) period and actually see the duration of her capture ticking away on the screen. Or I can minimise the window so she has no idea.What's more I can dial in and change the period if I want. The same timer can be used to control the vibrators or the TENS unit which we use to give harmless (but titillating) shocks.

Back to today and the control of time. How long do you think I will keep you here susan? That's right my love, you have no idea. your release could be now, or a few minutes before you have to leave for work tomorrow. Thirteen hours, susan... Exciting huh? Actually I have no idea when I will release her yet, but she looks in no hurry.

More deprivation needed. she will be able to hear the zipper and the rustle of fabric as I disrobe. she likes to watch me undress, or so she says, and I am going to deny her that sight. Excuse me.... I have left on my stockings and garter belt - they make me feel more than naked, very feminine and sensual. And the fabric of the nylons on her face will be sexy and sensuous.

"Kneel, susan." I have to help her. Typing is a little awkward because I am side on to the pc now. Ah the sacrifices I make for you! she is kneeling obediently between my thighs. More deprivation. I am rubbing my foot and leg over her body, my foot is pressing to her pussy, as best as I can with her legs held so tightly shut. My knee and calf are caressing her belly and breasts. Now to her cheek, the nylon making a scratchy noise on her skin. she is kissing my leg. Off with the nose clip my love. I have my left leg hooked over her shoulder now. Good girl susan, not moving till I say. Excuse me while I adjust position.

I will correct the typing later. My left hand is on her head, holding her hair so that her mouth is an inch or so from my pussy. she must be able to feel my heat, smell my scent. she wants me and I want her. W/we want each other, but at the moment I am depriving her, depriving U/us both. her head is level with where my stockings finish. Time to tease. "Taste me susan." her tongue is out, trying to reach me, which is what W/we both want, but I have a tight hold on her hair, keeping her from obeying.This is getting urgent people. she is following my orders, trying to reach me, yet I hold her away. she could be forgiven for not knowing whether to obey my spoken order to taste me or the physical one preventing her, but she knows the game and she knows this is a fight neither of U/us will lose. W/we both win. The only question is how long I'll be able to hold out before the denial theme become unimportant. Hell, the answer is now!

(Lots later.)

"Thank you susan." "Thank You, Mistress."

her kiss tastes of me, which is both obvious and OK. I know the clip was off, but part way through I emulated it by pulling her nose right into me. For those who have never used the nose for oral sex on a woman, give it a try. It is just at the right angle to rub into her pussy and stimulate her clit right about between your eyes. Penetration is shallow, but the feeling is horny for both of you, and the fact your face gets very very wet is a good feeling too.

And susan's face is very wet now. her denial continues. I have not given permission for her to clean herself and in any case the only way she can do it is on my stockings. Shall I help her? Votes to my email addy LOL. OK, you win. I like the taste of me anyway and I like to kiss her face. Brb.I have helped her stand again and ella has arrived back. Now I think susan has earned her climax too... eventually! My plan is to clip her nose and to share her orgasm like I wrote above. Originally I was going to free her legs because with them tied she would probably topple over, but with ella here there is no need.... she is now clipped and she has guessed what will happen. she is already part-way there because she is excited. her breathing is deep and obvious and that tell-tale flush is all over her chest now.

Between her legs I can see wetness running, sweat and her fluids I guess.OK. Another job of a Domme - find out what Your subs like and do it. It's a hard life! LOL. So she will breathe through me and my fingers will finish her off, not the first time she nears her peak, nor the second, but maybe the third or maybe not. No planning, W/we shall see. Deprivation again, this time of her orgasm, but each time I back her off it will leave a residue of excitement which will build and build to become the best I can give her. she deserves that, the best. Every time. And I will feel every gasp as it goes through me. BBL.


Excellent! One of the few times susan has managed a multiple. she says it's because she knew she might be sharing it with you, whoever you are reading this. she's sitting on the bed with ella now, still tied and blindfolded. This will do for this session. Just a few questions for susan. "Are you happy my love?" "Yes, Mistress, very." "Shall I untie you now?" "Not for me to choose Mistress." Very good answer. "you may choose, susan." No hesitation. "No Mistress, can i stay tied please?"

In the words of one of my favourite singers, Roger McGuinn - "fine lady".

Bye all.

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