so nows its my duty to treat you like a king  

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6/1/2006 5:17 pm
so nows its my duty to treat you like a king

Nodding she bends over her Master's keg. Since she is wearing nothing but a pink satin corset and a pair of pink silk panties her body chills immediately. Slowly the corset absorbs the icy condensation covering the keg and her nipples harden, her taut tummy begins to stick painfully to the cold aluminum surface. She looks helplessly at her Master who responds with an amused smirk. I'm not impressed with your pleas pet! Now lower those silks like a good little girl. She does so hesitantly and she feels his impatience. Oh she's so exposed so vulnerable, her ass high in the air for whatever punishment he chooses to minister. No girl, he
says bend over further, all the way! She wiggles painfully as her tummy and thighs loosen from the kegs glue like ice as she inches forward. Her arms now extended above her head, she grabs the bottom of the keg tightly falling awkwardly forward until her toes are no longer touching the floor, but dangling suspended above it. Mmmmmmm, he smiles. I'm pleased pet. He runs his hands over the smooth round creamy mounds of her heart shaped ass. Bending down he plants loving kisses over each, claiming them as his. Turning her head she catches a brief glimpse of him move his hands to his waist. He's unbuckling his belt. She's gripped by fear but at the same time she feels her clit start to swell. Biting her tongue she suppresses a moan and grinds her mound into the cold steel of the keg. The sounds of the belt being pulled through the loops of his pants almost makes her cum. He knows this and he makes sure to peal off his belt slowly for her benefit. Taking the belt, he doubles in his hand, making sure that she can watch. He smacks it menacingly a few times in the palm of his hand and her ass twitches in unison with the smacks. She hates his spanking and she loves them at the same time. Wanting them to stop and never to stop, it's a game she's played a hundred times in her head. Her Master's always up for the challenge for nothing arouses him more then the
fiery red ass of his freshly spanked loving slave girl.

She feels the change in his demeanor as he lifts the belt high above his head. The leather rains down across her ass with a thunderous CRACK! Again and again he makes her taste the belt as it welts her reddening ass. Are you going to obey me girl! Are you! Yesssssss Master, pleasssssse noooooo more. CRACK! CRACK! WHACK! CRACK! Sobbing over the keg her tears freeze as they touch it's surface. Yessss Master I'll obey she begs. He stops to inspect his handly work grinning as he fingers the lovely raised welts. No, he thinks. I want her ass to dance from pain. He steps away from the keg again and assaults her blistered bottom with another barrage from the strap until she is sobbing uncontrollably writhing from side to side. He reaches down and strokes her hair. He whispers, almost through angel. I promise. Only a few more with the thorny paddle. Nooooooo! She screams. He slaps her ass hard with his hand. Don't direct your fate love, for I own you and this ass is mine. Tossing his belt on the table he reaches for the prickly paddle. He rubs it over her flaming rear. She winces as she hears it whistle through the air before making contact with her ass. THWACK! WHACK! THWACK! WHACK! She screamsssssss as the paddle covers every square inch of her ass. He makes sure her hips; her thighs and her pussy don't feel neglected by the paddle. He's pleased as he helps her off the keg and to her feet. Too weak to stand, she drops to her knees and hugs his thighs. He joins her on the ground and he soothes and rubs her bruises tenderly until her tears dry.

He tells her he has a surprise for her and that he's taking her to her favorite restaurant tonight. Her first reaction is joy until she remembers the hard, rough, scratchy fabric of the restaurant's dining chairs. Oh this is too cruel, she thinks. Thank you, but no thank you Master. Perhaps I can cook us a lovely dinner, that I of course will eat standing up. He smiles at her. Ah pet, nothing escapes you. Part of your punishment involves sitting on those hard scratchy chairs at Chef Elaine's. Mind you girl if you even think about disturbing my dinner by squirming in your chair tonight, well we will have to repeat your entire punishment. Now go shower and meet me in the bedroom.

By the time she returned from her shower. He was already dressed. He looked so handsome in his black pants and blue button down shirt. His dress jacked was thrown over the chair. As he turned toward her she gasped when she saw what was hanging off his belt. It was his prized braided leather cat of nine tails flogger. Still naked except for the small towel, which covered her, she backed away from him and said 'No way, absolutely no way am I going to dinner with you with that around your waist!' What are you afraid of angel, he teased. Afraid that some of your nosey sisters will see how your Husband keeps his little angel in line? Yes, for one thing she said. Walking over to her he kissed her hard on the mouth, passionately. Damn him he
always made her melt. He smacked her ass playfully and said. Now girl let's get you dressed.

Walking over to the bed he picked up a pair of black fishnet pantyhose stockings, her black lace bra and a blood red crushed velvet and spandex dress with a scoop neck and long sleeves. Also on the bed was the thickest leather and silver collar she owned. She swallowed a lump in her throat. You don't mean for me to wear that? She said. He sat her roughly on the bed. This is how it plays out tonight, darling. First you are getting dressed in all these. The collar shows you are mine and only mine. Tough shit no discussion on that point. Second, I know how you hate wearing the itchy fishnet pantyhose when you haven't been spanked, so I thought it a very fitting punishment for you to don them for me now. No panties of course. When we are seated at the restaurant you are to lift your dress. I want you bare spanked ass, except for the fishnets to make contact with the seat of the chair. She groaned, as she finished dressing, not even bothering to get him angrier.

They arrived at the restaurant precisely at 7:00 p.m., they we were regulars and the maitre de seated them immediately. As she walked in front of him, he couldn't help the emotions of love he felt for her. She was magnificent, she looked so beautiful and regal it was going to be a shame to humiliate her this way. Oh well, can't back out now he thought. One look from her Master was all she needed. Before sitting she lifted her dress and sat bare assed on the chair as the waiter pushed it in for her, not before he gasped when he caught site of the fresh welts that covered her thighs and hip. Mortified she tried to cover her face and sipped the water at the table. Out of the corner of her eye she saw two of her neighbors Barbara and Mark and another couple she knew the Marino's. For a brief moment their eyes locked and she looked away. Not before she saw them lean over obviously able to see the nice little calling cards her Master left on her ass. Still hiding her face she tugged at her Husband's jacket. Shush, stop waving to everyone and sit down Phillip! No way, he smiled. This is priceless. I just wish I brought the camcorder. Already the heat in her ass was flaring up again. God how was she going to be able to sit through dinner. Just when she thought things couldn't get worse. In a grand sweeping gesture he removed his jacket, hanging it on the back of his chair. Oh my God! She groaned. At once the room's eyes were on her Master's belt, more accurately on the flogger hanging off of it. Well she thought if there was any hope, any hope at all that someone didn't see the welts on her hips or put two and two together as she squirmed in her chair, there was no denying now their lifestyle. She wanted to kick him hard under the table.

Mercifully the waiter came back with the wine list. More merciful was the fact that her Love ordered without even taking the time to open it. Goddamn! Did she need a drink and fast. Reading her mind he looked sternly over at her and said, 'Chill girl!' 'Or I'll give you something to really squirm about. Now relax and let's enjoy this dinner, baby. Yes, Master, she replied. He ordered for both of them. He's magnificent she thought despite the fact that she was still mad at him. First he started with oysters (that hornster, she laughed). He ordered her shrimp cocktail and of course she had to have her lobster he grinned. He had his prime rib. She started to relax by her third glass of merlot she was much too relaxed. Halfway through her lobster she started to shift in her seat. He warned her with a deep stare, but she just kept chatting away happily not a care in the world, nicely buzzed from the wine. Just as he was finishing up his meal, she began tugging down her velvet dress unconsciously trying to shield her sore ass from the brutal fabric of the chair. He glared at her, and she smiled back honestly having no idea that he was beginning to seethe with anger at her disobedience. Finally, he grabbed her wrist. What the Hell are you doing girl! He growled. With what Baby? She cooed. With the hem of that damn dress girl! Looking down she saw that she had tugged it down almost to her knees, the fabric was sooooo soft and stretchy it had been fun playing with her dress & that was up until now. She had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, even before he called over their waiter.

Still grabbing her wrist he pointed to his belt, before nodding to the waitor. You know my wife here is still having a little trouble with her manners today. Looks like we need to give her a little refresher course in the parking lot. Could you take away our plates? When we return I'd like to see the desert menu and she'll surely need an after dinner drink & weg. Ummm, yes Sir stammered the waiter, his eyes looking like a deer caught in the headlights. All eyes were on them as he dragged her out of the restaurant as she struggled and pleaded behind him.

Just one minute! She said as they approached the outside of His vehicle. This has gone far enough Master, she yelled. Within one second he had spun her around, and backhanded her across her smart mouth. No angel! We're playing by my rules from now on! With that he leaned her over the car's hood. He lifted up her velvet dress, pulled down her fishnet pantyhose and held the small of her back and let her legs kicked helplessly like the spoiled little girl she was. Keep making a fuss, he said. Draw even more attention. Looking around she saw a crowd was mulling about in the dark parking lot. Now behave! Wordlessly he removed his flogger letting it uncoil slowly like a dangerous snake. Her face felt the heat from the still warm engine as she lay over the hood. She had tried to plead with him to no avail. Her ass was not going to be able to take this flogging on top of the punishment she received earlier. Her nails scratched the hood as the flogger spanked her ass, leaving nine red lines over her already scarlet cheeks. Screammmmmmmmm! Noooooo Baby please. By the third stroke she was kicking and flailing her legs like a naughty little girl. She was promising everything and anything under the sun to him. You swear? He asked as he gave her seven more strokes across her ass with the flogger' Crack! CRACK! CRACK! WHACK! WHIP! WHIP! C R A C K!!! Yes! I swear. I swear it. Good girl, he said as he lifted her down from the hood. He coiled his flogger up smugly and placed it on his belt. He hugged her tightly and rubbed her ass. He let her remove her fishnet stockings. He went into the glove compartment and handed her the softest silk panties she'd ever seen. She was touched. When the returned to the table the waiter had placed a little gold satin pillow there, just for her. She had that after dinner drink. This time the squirming on the chair was due to the fire in her pussy. She planed on fucking her Husband's brains out tonight, no doubt about that. Hum she thought on the ride home, a Master should be rewarded in some way. I love You Angel. I love You more then life itself.

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