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slip away

After lunch I strolled into the former school gym now the Felicity Camp mass area, dressed in military uniform.

Other trainers were drifting in, gathering for the daily stripping and scheduled to begin in a few minutes.

The female prisoners are already strapped spread-eagled around the floor stretching and squirming, some face up some face down but all were fit and healthy-looking; I'd purposely selected an inexperienced class for my day's recreation.

The girls, who numbered approximately 30, were generally dressed in dress's and blouses but a few wore jeans and tank tops, some wore body-hugging clothing. Spandex was common among the younger girls. Along the far wall I noticed a number of the girls wore local school uniforms. The majority of the girls had retained their shoes, surprising when you think of the amount of effort it must have taken to wrestle the girls down onto the floor prior to fixing their wrists and ankles to the floor bolts. The girls mostly seemed to be in the 16 to 21 age range.

All the girls were obviously anxious that their clothing should remain untouched, "Hey how wrong could they be." I thought to myself.

The prisoners you know; are all female. Children of those stupid people who can't accept the rule of the current government. We impose our will on these people by brutalizing them into submission. The way that I gain most satisfaction is by participating in the humiliation and deflowering of the new inmates. Call it domination call it , call it what you will. How'd I get to be this way? That's not a subject I care to discuss, for reasons I'm also not interested in pursuing. Don't worry, though: dear reader, you'll soon be far too busy visualizing the plight of these unfortunates to worry about how the country became this way.

You might say that I don't put my lust to constructive use; you might even go so far as to accuse SmCyber of being rather petty and vindictive, even cruel at times.I recall a young woman who said something along those lines to me, right to my face as I studied her watching her teenage daughter being serviced by a couple of goats. Silly cow; I may have been a bit hard on her, I must admit. I'll not go into the sordid details here. Hey, she's alive, all right? and very popular now with the lads as well down the stables.

I sauntered casually around the edge of the gym, carefully inspecting the beautiful new female inmates. Choosing the new arrivals who were to participate (unwillingly!) had been a pleasure limiting the number of girls to 30 had been wise, The growing number of trainers who were arriving looked eagerly at the girls I had chosen to provide today's entertainment. They could see immediately; these women were uniformly petrified, taut and lean, "ripe for fucking" I heard one old chap remark.

"It's obvious that they invest a lot of time on their bodies" I heard another shout to his friend. The girls however clearly were not interested in showing off their well maintained upper class healthy forms, chiseled out through excellent diet and exercise.

One young lady in particular caught my eye as she pulled at her bindings and stretched, I headed towards her. But before I reached her, however, a couple of younger trainers crossed my path, talking loudly and laughing. The one in front placed his military boot quite solidly on the young ladies stomach.. " Open wide " he remarked to the terrified teenager, pausing for a moment to see if she obeyed. Failing to open wide resulted in her eager placing his full weight onto her flowered dress creasing the material and forcing a rush of air through her lips.

"Hey, sorry, girlie," he boomed, stooping to slap her red face.. They moved past me."Hold on a moment," I said. "Come back here." They turned around immediately and stood in front of me.

I looked them over. "I think you're a couple horny young lads. Don't you agree?" They nodded eagerly.
"We're first timers," they chimed, creating a pleasant stereo effect." Never been to a mass before" "Well," I said, "we'll just have to make it a special day for you both. . . Oh, hang on." A few people nearby were beginning to take notice of this little scene unfolding before them; it was time to get the show on the road so to speak."You will remember that you are allowed to do "anything !" short of mutilation to the girls in this gym," I said to everyone in ear shot. I then slapped both of the lads on their backs and asked if they had received any special instructions from their superior or if there was anyone or anything special they wanted to try. " Well could we have this one secured differently ? "... one lad asked. "Could we have her ankles bound to her wrists? " the other lad requested. "Of course you can"..... I smiled....." you don't have to ask just do it" I added in a fatherly tone. " I guess you want to team fuck the girl up her cunt and arse do you ?" Beaming full smiles the two lads nodded eagerly.

People returned to their chatting and warming up, the inexperienced behavior of my two "friends" forgotten.

"Well," I resumed, "we'll just have to get the little lass's clothes off first " Both lads took up positions at her feet. Turning to the girl I asked are you a virgin my dear? "AGGGGGGGGG" she screamed still refusing to answer " I guess you probably are, am I right ?" I added. Nodding her red tear stained face the restrained girl gave me the information that I had expected. " We will have to do something about that, won't we? The lads here are going to strip you naked and then they are going to reposition you to you in both your passages, If you want to try and resist , OK?, who knows you 'might win' ""All right lads show me how well you have been trained, strip her naked please." "Sure."

Working as a team the lads systematically unlaced and removed the girls shoes. The lads had been trained well. With little formality the prisoners left ankle was unclipped from its restraint instantly the girl thrashed wildly in a vain attempt at escape before they temporally refastened her left ankle to the right ankle.Slipping his hands up her dress the elder lad positioned his fingers inside the elasticized waist band and drew down her lace panties to a point below her knees.Smoothing down her crumpled dress the younger lad waited as her left ankle was again freed and her naked foot was slipped out of the pants. The same procedure was adopted with her right ankle before she lost her pants.

The restrained stripping technique was then applied to each of her arms in turn. Soon her bra lay beside her pants to her side. Her dress rolled down over stomach her breasts heaving. Repositioning her ankles together again the lads together pulled her dress down to her ankles leaving the naked girl screaming wildly. Again releasing each ankle in turn allowed the lads to simply remove he remaining garment. The lads had indeed chosen wisely the beautiful young lady lay shaking naked as the day she was born, the object of our attention.

Do you guys have girlfriends?" They both nodded. "Do you have sex with them often?"
"Every couple days." "Twice a week, maybe." I smiled. "You'll soon be bored with them at least for the next four months. No, make it six months, you will have as much sex as you want. You will develop new tastes and try things ordinary people only dream of. "OK I think you said you want the lady here repositioned ?" The two lads quickly took firm hold of an ankle each and on the count of three unclipped and rotated the feminine ankles to her wrists. Her left ankle clipped cleanly to her left wrist and her right ankle cleanly to her right wrist. Her buttocks were raised slightly by the pull of her legs and her vagina and anus spread widely and clearly.

Her gasps and groans were mimicked by involuntary tensing and movement of her anus muscles.

I wandered off, leaving the lads to get what they wanted out of the poor girl.. I laughed aloud. at their obvious amusement. Such a vast pool of girlies to play with, and all of them without the most elementary ability to defend themselves I thought..
My cock thickened when I saw the Mayors daughter across the room. revenge to be exacted - yes, I admit it, I do hold a grudge - I strolled towards the girl. She wore aerobic leggings, with a black leotard. The leotard disappeared into a thong between her legs, emphasizing her firm small ass underneath the clingy lycra material. Her breasts were rather on the large size for a short girl; the feminine bra that held them up was clearly visible in outline under the leotard's fabric.

I strolled over and slipped a hand under her arse. She quickly turned her head to look over her shoulder at me, seeing who her molester was her face contorted in horror and her of course her eyes quickly gazed over with tears.

"You don't mind," I giggled. Not a really a question.

"No........... she screamed, Oh god No.............." She thrashed wildly remembering my earlier 'conversations' with two of her friends, neither of whom enjoyed my attentions either. I ran both my hands over that tight ass, across her hips over her stomach and then down her long, muscular legs, enjoying the feel of her twisting body.

"I getting you ready for a couple of the lads to gang fuck," I informed her.

Slowly I ran my hands back up the inside of her left leg, then brushed lightly over her crotch with my fingertips. She screamed in horror as I continued slowly upwards, over her flat stomach, to her heaving tits. Unable to control the reaction her nipples stiffened and became, perceptible even through two layers of material. She continued to squirm as my hands moved slowly over her struggling body.
I moved quickly and straddled her chest and rubbed my scrotum first over her heaving tits. Reaching behind with one hand I gripped her cunt and the with the other over her face I forced open her eyes. I could feel the flesh of her tits pressing up against my erection as I buried my fingers into her long blond hair, pleased with its length. I firmly rubbed my hard-on against her, she rocked her hips against me in a vain effort to escape.

She had become hysterical at this point, her level of panic having rendered it impossible for her to even scream clearly..

A wailing female voice rang out from the opposite side of the gym as two lads entered a small Chinese girl. simultaneously.

"Everyone happy? glad to see you have started" a load male voice exhalted . The senior instructor had obviously arrived while I had been distracted. I caught a glimpse of him across the gym.

"Halaluya Definitely a fine collection of girls today" he sighed as he moved forward for closer investigation.

I continued to rub the Mayors daughters tits roughly as I slowly masturbated. Oh, this lovely thing I was mauling had earned herself a bit of a reward for her earlier outburst. "You're going to have some orgasms lots and lots and lots of orgasms," I whispered in her ear. "10, 20 30 a day . . ." wide eyed she listened as I explained that she was going to be allocated to the camp riding school. I clearly felt her spasm against me, and she let out a low cry. "Again, 30 times a day . . .. And again, 30 times a day. . . Now. have a nice day hope you enjoy some of your fucks." I left her there naked , her face contorted with horror as the multiple climaxes I had sentenced her to flashed across her brain. See? I smiled I do have my moments of generosity, spreading a little happiness in this dark and frightening camp. Well, I'm told it's dark and frightening anyway; I hadn't really noticed, myself.

The senior instructor was a truly frightening specimen of a man.

I noticed when I approached that he wore a crafted leather girth enhancer and over his back an all black waistcoat and over his thighs leather leggings; his body definitely did have the effect of terrorizing the restrained girls. .

The instructor had selected his first victim, her breasts were of medium size, not large, but wonderfully cone-shaped and very firm. Her wide spread arms were slender and taut. The heaving spasms of her stomach were outlined by her leotard, as were the strong muscles of her long spread legs. Even her ass appeared to be well-muscled.

Despite her tears she appeared to have a very pretty face, I noticed she was sporting a beautiful dental brace, a smile formed on the instructor face as some of the regulars formed a circle to watch a master workout on her.

Her hair was thick, long and blond, tied back in a cute ponytail.

As she was striped it was clear to all that there was not an ounce of excess flesh anywhere to be seen; her small, white, spread-eagled compact body was taut as a drum all over.

"Fuck," I said. The word just slipped out, I was so taken with the brutality of the senior instructors invasion of her body especially so with regard to the malicious way he screwed the leather enhancer he wore into her defenseless body.

In agony she turned briefly and looked at me, then returned to alternatively screaming and clenching her teeth, what he was doing to her was pure sexual torture.

Under other circumstances, she would have thought it unbelievable to see so many guys standing up so close to her, erections poking at her, staring at her body and practically drooling.

I turned my attention to two naked red headed girls, they briefly brushed past me and jogged to the center of the floor under the military style instruction of a fat Mongolian officer.. God, they moved so quickly as he barked orders at them. The muscles in their legs and arms pink and straining. This, I thought, promises to be fun!

The pair got started on a humiliating routine of naked sexercise, the Mongolian instructor leading them first through some light stretching and other warm-up exercises.

Soon their faces were red with embarrassment.

A fair-sized crowd for the relatively small gymnasium, perhaps fifty or sixty in all watched the youngsters perform, among whom I counted about ten men who appeared to be in their seventies (dirty bastards I thought with a grin). I didn't bother joining in; I just stood near the edge of the gym and watched the girls in the center. I soon discovered that all of the sexercised were designed to progressively shame and humiliate the girls.

A few minutes after the main warm-up segment ended, the girls were put through complex combinations of knee raises, squats, pushups, leg lifts, stride jumps, and so on, moving repeatedly back and forth across the gym. As the show developed the Mongolian instructed the girls, to insert dildos into their partners orifices maintaining their position as their partner performed pushups on a dildo held in the mouth by the other. From time to time, he would instruct the girls to masturbate themselves as they rested., before moving out of the center to the front or the back again.

One of the simpler exercise's ensured the girls got an extra workout. Each girl was instructed to lay on her back and with their hands under their hips to cycle their legs in the air but interesting the girls each had dildos inside them. The cyclic friction of the dildos on the inner walls of the poor girls vaginas had them all squirming and yelping and pleading within minutes. Soon beads of sweat formed on the brows of each girl. Some stared up at the ceiling not daring to look sideways at their audience. Others clenched their eyes tightly shut as the relentless stimulation inside their nether regions drove them closer to their inevitable humiliating orgasm.

Everyone who was watching was constantly checking - quite unaware that they were doing it - to make sure that not a single girl slowed her pace.

There was a great deal of bouncing going on, and I was enjoying watching the younger girls as their tired legs cycled and ricocheted ankle against calf around the room with no modesty left. The lads with apparently limitless energy were stroking themselves in readiness for the next stage.

But perhaps I could enjoy this just a little bit more, I thought, if . . ... yes "OK lads whilst the girls are getting themselves ready for you why don't you sit on their faces", I suggested, moving forward I straddled my legs and lowered myself slowly onto the upturned nose of the little Chinese girl.

"Everyone make sure that you're doing the same thing as I'm doing at all times," I suggested. I rapidly though turned my attention to the current object of my desire.

Slowly I positioned my anus directly over her nose and carefully but firmly lowered myself until her nose distorted under my weight rested firmly and squarely against my sweaty hole. Then with a steady rhythm I rocked backwards and forwards allowing the beautiful nose to stoke the puckered rim of my hole, this had an immediate affect on my erection, within minutes (helped by a few strokes of my left hand) my first pre cum had appeared and dribbled down my shaft and into her right eye socket causing her to blink furiously as the salty liquid from my one eyed snake stung her innocent eye.

As she performed her required movements of the cycling routine, her hands once or twice darted up to press my buttocks off her nose enabling her to catch her breath, a slap or two on the side of the face soon stopped her doing that.

I was amused to see the movements echoed all around the room, men and boy stroking their anus's on the poor girls noses some faced forward resting their balls on the girls foreheads others faced backward resting their ball on a trembling chin, enjoying the self masturbation show going on inches from their face, some with pinching or tweaking or scratching their victims chests and pulling on their pubic hair.

Yes this was going to be a very interesting afternoon...............

Let me tell you first about Mary.

Mary Smith is a pretty girl, with blond "country girl" looks and mannerisms. She has quite a voluptuous figure for her age, with well developed bust and hips.

Mary was petrified. Everything had been so normal this morning as she worked on her fathers farm. After breakfast Mary washed and changed into her training kit planning to meet her girlfriend Sue for a their weekly workout. That was when the troopers burst in and escorted her to the camp. Yes Mary was indeed scared very scared and she had good reason to be.

Mary stood arms by her sides in the gymnasium waiting for her next instruction. Mary had been selected and encouraged to do some light warm up exercises in front of the other prisoners.

It was at this point when she was told to strip, " Come on baby, strip off and exercise in the buff" a young lad suggested.

Now she was going to make an obscene exhibition of herself for her captors. This was not what she should do. She was not a
whore. She could not do this, but the eager eyes and the threats of the eager young guards fingers squeezing at her cunt lips and the riding crop held under her nose demonstrated to her that she would have to do this.

Around her there were several naked girls still doing knee lifts, she reached up and eased the straps of her black leotard off her shoulders, peeling it down to her thin waist. She wore a simple white Nike sports bra underneath. Her eyes grew wider with humiliation, and she threw herself into the next set of moves just as the riding crop lashed across the back of her legs.

Laughing at her discomfort a soldier indicated for her to remove her bra, too. "Throw it to the edge of the gym" he instructed. She reached behind her and unfastened it, then threw it off to one side. A pile of bras had grown at the side of the gym against a climbing frame as the rest of the class had previously done or were soon to do.

The prisoner's breasts, were now nicely bouncing free, they were topped by small but prominent nipples.

Looking around the former gymnasium, I was greeted by the pleasant sight of a sea of bare-chested girls. Their guards were mostly naked by now as well; they were looking around too, not finding the situation unusual and certainly appreciating it.

"Get rid of the whole leotard, just toss it to me", shouted an elderly trainer to Mary.

Mary had to stop moving for a moment to accomplish this. Stepping quickly out of it, she threw the leotard - surprisingly small when not filled by a body - to the waiting hands of the leering trainer.

This left Mary clad only in her pink lycra leggings, which ran from her mid calf up to her waist, where they rode low on her hips.

Discarded clothing from today's rapeclass was constantly being added to the pile.. The guards continued to watch the obscene work out, every cock in the room curving up some would say grotesque in anticipation of impaling one or more of the poor girls.

As usual they were finding my charges first nude workout a very stimulating experience. The class was now quite sweaty and some were begging to tire, every female nipple was erect obvious to anyone who cared to look.

I sat down in my armchair, content to just sit back and take in the scenery for a while.

The rapeclass moved on to even more humiliating exercises, pushups and sit-ups and other movements, all of which had interesting and exposing effects on the anatomies of the girls.

Eventually the girls moved on to an exercise for their inner thighs: lying on their backs fingers interlocking behind necks with legs straight up in the air, toes pointing sideways, they slowly lowered their legs out to the sides. A this stage a number of girls had to be motivated to perform the move slowly and gracefully. Several of the girls who failed to meet my exacting standard found their ankles suddenly grasped and then pulled and held and spread swiftly and firmly to points 12 inches either side of their ears on the gym floor. Visiting each screaming girl in turn I administered six slow, but firm lashes to the inside of their thighs, alternating the blows from left thigh to the right thigh repeating the process until every reluctant girl had her inner thighs punished. I counted eight girls needed motivating and it took thirty minutes before each had received her quota.

Regaining my seat I instructed the class to repeat the movement. Keeping their fingers interlocking behind necks the girls repeated their exercises. "Legs straight up in the air, toes pointing sideways" please girls I heard a guard instruct. Together they slowly spread their legs and paused momentarily showing the guards their lips and anus before being allowed to lower their legs out to the sides. Some of the more flexible girls managed to put their feet onto the ground almost in line with their buttocks but most could only manage to get their feet to about ten inches from the gym floor. Waiting for what must have been an eternity to them I had the girls hold the pose whilst the guards carried out and inspection. When every guard had visited every splayed girl and was satisfied they had looked at the girls private anatomy I allowed the girls to slowly draw their parted knees back to their breasts before bringing them back together again for the next cycle.

At this point a new girl was brought in, apparently she had been overlooked when the paratroopers had raided the shopping mall.

Everyone could tell she was nervous as soon as she walked into the gym.

Some were worse than others, but this girl was really nervous. She was
obviously intimidated by the grinning naked guards and the exercising prisoners. She stepped forward
tentatively as her eyes followed the rows of panting girls as they continued with the leg split exercise her eyes full of for boding looking at the contorted and humiliated faces. She was going to be a perfect victim I thought.

I could tell she had never seen so many naked men before.

She looked to be about 5' 8 or 5' 9, just slightly on the overweight side, but still relatively slim in the middle. Her hips looked full and most importantly, she had large tits.

She was wearing a pale yellow wrap-around dress that looked like something you would have seen in any one of a thousand discotheques in the nineties. It had a thin ties attached to one of the sides which went around her body again and tied neatly at the other side, creating an interesting (and temporary ) modest slit up one thigh.

Her hair blonde appeared to have been rinsed with a subtle pink tint, and looked to be at least
shoulder length. It was all done up, in a sweep, however, and put together in two buns on the top of her head similar to the way the Bjork wore her hair some twenty years earlier in the late nineties.

Along with her white tights and white high heels, she looked like she just stepped out of a nightclub.

Her face was full of fear but I could still make out an angelic side, and like the rest of her it was slightly round. She had nice high cheekbones which had too much rough on them bisected by her tears, and a petite, narrow nose. Her mouth was round and the tip of a pink tongue darted nervously over her full lips which were glossed bright red. Giant crystal blue eyes stared terrified out from underneath long, thick lashes. She stood nervously clutching her purse in front of her.

Should I bother to find out her name I thought as I casually looked her over.

I stood up "STRIP," I shouted, " Come on girl EVERYTHING OFF !".

She stopped immediately and started pleading uncontrollably. Several of the guards sprang to surround the poor girl cutting of her only means of escape.

Several minutes passed as the girl pleaded and tried to force her way out of the gym. Eventually cattle prods were brought into use and slowly but surely they dominated her and between begging the guards to stop she hastily removed her shoes and socks, then rolled the leggings down to her ankles and slid them off. She wore nothing beneath them.

It took several more minutes and a lot of cattle prod before she conceded to remove her final garments a give us all a delightful look at her youthful body. Cowering on her knees the poor girl struggled to cover herself from the gaze of her tormentors.

"Carry on with that exercise", I told three or four of the remaining prisoners who had slowed their pace.

I walked up to my new recruit through the rows of the other prisoners, all of whom were now pink and sweaty.

Laughing to myself, I positioned myself behind the terrified girl. Without warning I gave her a none to affectionate slap on her behind, then another slap this one much harder it brought a hoarse cry from her. "How you doing', honey?" I asked, "You know, it's like I said to all your sisters here. Ain't no use for a girl who ain't cooperating". pausing for a response before adding " Ain't that right?" Unable to believe her ears the girl just stood and stared like a rabbit into the eyes of a snake.

"OK on your back prisoner !" I sneered loudly, as she looked around the room hoping for rescue.

Several more zaps were needed before she positioned herself on her back spread-eagled to my complete satisfaction. Standing between her legs I tapped the inside of both her legs with my foot. Eventually straining her joints she complied.

Outside its a cold Winter's day, normally at this time of the year most people wore several layers of clothing, but here in my gymnasium there is no such luxury for the girls in my class.

I stared intently the pretty youngster her face and chest were contorted and strained her hair matted over her brow, a fine sheen of sweat coated her smooth, flawless skin. She was obviously struggling to keep control and maintain the humiliating spread-eagle pose in front of so many men.

I know its an old cliché but, I really love exercise - I could watch it all day.

I spent a few minutes crouched down alongside the trembling late comer, softly stroking her face and running my fingers around her nipples, delighted to feel them respond as I explained to her the way I wanted her soon to perform.

Returning to my armchair, which thoughtfully someone had moved between the girls legs I indicated to the guard to get her started.

Slowly at first them with encouragement with purpose the girl started the shameful routine.

I ran my eyes down her naked sweating body as she pumped her thick legs up and down in a fluid, constant motion, showing signs of strain. The view was impressive from where I sat between her legs, looking down at her pink lips as they ground together engorged and pinker than even her nipples looked.

Momentarily I looked into her eyes and tried to imagine how she coped with the fear and the humiliation I had brought to her life.

"Hold it there," I said aloud to her, when her legs were spread apart. She froze, legs held in that position, idly gazing up at me. An exceptionally flexible girl, I noted; her feet came down almost to the floor.

"What's your name?"

"Anita," she responded. "Anita Clare Clarke."

"You're feeling pretty horny right now, aren't you, Anita?" She shook her head in disbelief, swallowing.

I reached forward and touched her, first her feet, then her lower legs, reveling in the sensation of sliding my hands over those feminine muscles.

Her skin was silky soft, and lubricated with her own perspiration. I knelt and traced my fingers all the way down to her pink cunt. "Please don't do this to me" she pleaded as four guards took hold of her arms and legs and maintained her posture. After stroking her clit briefly, I brushed through the light pubic hair (no sign of a pink rinse down here I smiled to myself) and on upwards; I could smell her fear, now. I continued on up, across her stomach to her breasts, which were just as firm now as when I left them earlier. As I leaned forward, my cock brushed her now wet cunt.

Now it was time to take a more active part in this class myself . . .

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damn, thats a long one, well have to copy to MS office and read it later

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LOL....a good read...but damn I dozed off in the middle....thats a friggin mini series...

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Hidden well on the top of a large building approximately 1200 meters away from the entrance to the school gym with an excellent view of all entrances I sit motionless and concealed. I look at the cloth I positioned in a tree not far away to monitor the wind direction and the approximate speed. Looking through my scope I wait for the car caring the cowards that abuse the children.

In the distance I see the car approach the entrance to the school tough my scope. I breath slow and long as I concentrate on the approaching car. It pulls up to the entrance ad the doors open the four brutal of the hated regime exit the vehicle.

There was the leader strutting his horrible self like some demigod, taking a breath in and slowly exhaling, sight alignment, sight picture, squeeze as the 50 caliber round went off and the recoil of the rifle pushed the barrel of the rifle up lowering with gravity just in time to see through my scope the pink cloud of blood and brain matter where his head used to be. “See you in hell asshole!” I think to myself.

The other three cowards drop to the ground like that is going to save them. From my vantage point I have a very clear shot. Deep breath, exhale, sight alignment, sight picture, squeeze. The recoil once again pushed up the barrel of the weapon and lowered just in time to see the second assholes shoulders get separated from the rest of his body. The lower half rolled over one of the others covering him in blood and gore.

Deep breath, exhale slowly, sight alignment sight picture, squeeze I sent the third asshole to hell as his body exploded in a cloud of blood and guts sprayed over the area. The last asshole climbs into the car thinking he is safe. A satanic grin crosses my face as I breath in deeply, exhale slowly, sight alignment, sight picture, squeeze. The 50 caliber shell penetrates the car door as if it was cheese cloth.

Through the scope I can see the explosion of blood inside the car windows and the blood leaking out of the bottom of the door jam. Collecting my four brass empty cartridges hmmmm four shots four kills very good.

I slide out of my hide and exit the building knowing I WILL BE BACK!!!!!! To kill asshole baby .

Did you get a hard on writing a story about 15 year old girls???? Well I got a hard on writing about killing the !!!!

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