silence and moaning a lot  

sexyasianangel70 37F
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5/19/2006 10:37 pm
silence and moaning a lot

I feel you spreading my legs wider and all of a sudden I find your fingers pressing up against my clit. Oh you little Bitch, you’re enjoying this aren’t you!? Your pussy is dripping wet and you still want more. You un-cuff my ankles and put me back into the doggy position, the wetness running down my legs and onto the bed sheets. You slap me one more time really hard just for good measure, I cry out louder than before, tears running down my face, my ass burning hot and stinging from your slaps. I feel you grab my hips, and all of a sudden without warning you thrust your cock deep inside my pussy then take it out again. You start to tease my pussy again, moving your cock up and down the slippery wet body part making me want your cock so bad, moaning every time your cock comes in contact with my clit, making your cock wet too. You insert it in me a tiny bit and come back out again, by now I’m getting very fidgety, squirming and moving all over the place.

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