should we carry on  

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6/6/2006 5:30 pm
should we carry on

Tammy watched through the dining room window as Charlie pushed the lawnmower back and forth. From the air-conditioned comfort she could see the sweat pour off his muscular body. The redhead admired his shirtless chest and tight ass that she could see through his shorts.

Deviously she formulated a plan.

When he’d finished,the six-foot two, dark haired man knocked on the front door. Dressed in a tight fitting low cut red blouse with no bra and white shorts, she admitted him, invited the virile man to have a seat and asked him if he’d like a drink.

When she served him his glass of ice-water she made sure she bent over giving him an unobstructed view of her hanging 36c’s. Then taking her seat across the room from him, she made sure she kept her legs parted and smiled sweetly.

Light conversation and polite laughter filled the spacious room. The spark between them was obvious and Tammy was sure of herself when she looked directly into his eyes. She could see the excitement.

She mouthed the words softly. “Get on your knees.”

Robot-like he complied. He wanted her and would do anything to get her.

She spoke again softly but firmly, “Crawl over here!”

Negotiating the distance on his knees he ogled her voluptuous body wantonly.

Boldly,she stuck out her right foot and began massaging his stiff manhood through his shorts.

“Want to fuck me, lawnboy?”

The twenty-something man managed a throaty, “Yes”, as she continued to manipulate his solid male muscle.

“Maybe I’ll let you,” she cooed.

Charlie thought he had died and gone to heaven. This was the first time he’d mowed this lady’s grass and was he ever glad.

“But you must earn it first,” she said with a slight snicker.

Not knowing how to respond he remained silent.

“Take your shorts off!” She commanded in a slightly more authoritative tone

Thinking this was his lucky day, the mesmerized man reached for his belt buckle. In seconds his cotton shorts were pulled off and he was kneeling there in his briefs, which were tented in the front. She smiled while leering downward. “I swear, you’re the sexiest looking man I’ve had do my grass yet.”

“Thank you ma’am,” he responded red faced.

“Now I want to see the goods, off with the briefs!”

In seconds Charlie, the lawn boy, was kneeling naked in front of this very sensual looking lady of thirty.

“My, my,” she exclaimed as she reached out her foot again and began manipulating the rock hard naked cock that was dangling in front of her. Charlie indeed thought this was heavenly.

Then to his consternation she ceased. “Can’t have you shooting your load yet,” she said softly with a devious smile.

Tammy then ordered him to lie on his back in front of one the upholstered chairs and to extend his arms on the floor in back of him. When he complied, she tied each wrist to each one of the legs of the heavy piece of furniture, which kept his arms immobilized.

The five-foot five slim lady then stood between his splayed legs. Her plan was working to perfection.

Boldly, she once again began teasing his raging hard-on with her foot. “This is quite a formidable piece of meat you have here Charlie. Maybe I’ll let you fuck me...if you’re lucky.”

Then she stopped and to his surprise stood directly on top of his chest, looking down at him.

“Look up at my body Charlie...If you’re truly worthy you might get that.” Then slowly she began lifting the red blouse over her head. Her swaying breasts appeared as she dropped the garment on the rug. The man couldn’t take his eyes off her as she sat on his chest and bent over.

“Would you like to suck on these Charlie?” She cooed as she lowered her firm, jiggling tits toward his face. “Maybe I’ll smother you with my tits Charlie,” she said with a laugh as she placed both of her mounds of flesh on either side of his nose and pressed downward. Then she lifted up, letting him breathe. But that was short lived as she once again pressed her chest forcefully onto his nasal cavity. “This is such fun!” She continued to smother him, let up, then back down. Up, down, up, down.

Finally she sat up and looked down at him. “You having fun Charlie?” she mocked. “Aren’t you glad you agreed to cut my grass today?” She said as she reached behind her and gathered his balls in the palm of her hand. Slowly she began massaging the sensitive orbs as he closed his eyes.

“Like this Charlie?” she asked rhetorically.

“Oh yes,” he breathed heavily.

Then the redhead closed her hand. “OW!”

“I’ve decided Charlie that not only are you going to be my permanent lawnboy, you’re also going to be my slaveboy!”


“What was that Charlie? Was that a ‘yes’?”

“AH!” He nodded emphatically.

She smiled. “That’s what I thought you said,” she replied as she released her painful grip.

Then she stood up again, straddling his naked body. His eyes were affixed to her as she slowly began lowering the zipper on her shorts. Her black panties came into view through the frontal hole.

“Want this Charlie?” she cooed as she unbuttoned the cotton material and let them fall to her ankles.

She then stood right over his face and slowly ground her pelvis as she lowered her crotch downward. “Want this pussy slaveboy?”

“Yes!” he mouthed desperately.

“You want what’s behind these panties slaveboy?”

He breathed heavily. “Yes!”

“How bad do you want it slaveboy?” She taunted him.

“Very... badly!”

Then she stood between his legs again and ordered him to keep his legs spread. She then kicked his cock head. “AH!”

“Do think this dick is worthy enough to fuck me!?” She asked sternly.

She kicked it again. “Answer me!” He groaned. He was in a quandary.Yes he wanted to fuck her, but he didn’t want to say the wrong thing. For his hesitancy, she kicked his cock again. A louder groan. “Answer me you fucking moron!”

“NO!” he blurted, thinking that was the prudent thing to say.

Her tone became considerably more belligerent. “Oh, so you’re not NOT worthy enough to fuck me!?”

He frowned.

Then she pushed his cock upward onto his lower abdomen, revealing his hanging ball sac. With her right foot she slowly began massaging his package.

“I thought you wanted to fuck me slaveboy?”

He nodded.

“But you’re not worthy?” she said as she slowly pushed down on his balls that were now resting between the floor and the ball of her foot.


She talked louder. “I thought you wanted to fuck me!?”


“But you’re not worthy slave!” She increased the pressure.


He squirmed agonizingly as she taunted him. Tears had formed when she finally eased up.

“You fucking worm! You’re not deserving of my cunt!”

Those words burned his face as his balls ached.

“I was going to let you fuck me asshole!”

He laid there utterly debased.

“But you fucking blew it!”

She then looked at his now shrunken manhood. “Look at this piece of shit! Do you think you could fuck me with this?” She exclaimed as she rubbed her foot on his limp dick.

She then stood over his face again. He looked up. She began lowering her bikini panties. “Thought you wanted this, slaveboy?” She cooed.

When the delicate undies pooled around her ankles, she kicked them off and squatted near his face.

“Look at that pussy boy!”

He did as his manhood began to rise again.

Tammy began to sing: “Mister Mojo rising,...Mister Mojo rising...keep on rising...rising, rising.”

“There you go Charlie!” She said as she ground her pussy right in front of his face. “Want that slaveboy?”

“Yes!” he muttered.

She reached back and squeezed his now rock hard manhood. She then held it up and moved her pelvis directly over it.

Then she spoke again. “You want to be my slaveboy Charlie?”


“From now on, after you’ve mowed the lawn I want you naked and on your knees in front of me!”

“Yes Ma’am!”

Tammy slowly lowered her sopping pussy right down on his stiff pole and she rode away into the wild blue yonder.

“Same time next week?” She cooed as they each laid there totally contented.

“Yes Ma’am!”

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